Clint Needham

b. Aug 20, 1981
  1. Above the Tree Line
    Above the Tree Line
    Chamber Orchestra
  2. Abstract Mosaics
    Abstract Mosaics
    Standard Binding (114-41380):$40.00
    Digital (114-41380D):$40.00
    Trumpet 1 in C, Trumpet 2 in C, Horn in F, Trombon...
  3. Axioms
    Score and Parts (114-41651):$90.00
    Full Score (114-41651SD-PDF):$29.99
    Full Score (114-41651S):$29.99
    Set of Parts (114-41651M):$64.99
    Flute (Piccolo), Piano, Violin, Viola, Violoncello
  4. Brass Quintet No. 1
    Brass Quintet No. 1
    Standard Binding (114-41379):$39.99
    Digital (114-41379D):$24.99
    Download (114-41379D-PDF):$39.99
    Trumpet 1 in B, Trumpet 2 in B, Horn in F, Tromb...
  5. Chamber Symphony
    Chamber Symphony
    Score and Parts (116-40328):Rental
    Full Score (416-41371):$55.00
    Large Score (416-41371L):$120.00
    Chamber Orchestra
  6. Concerto for Wind Ensemble
    Concerto for Wind Ensemble
    Piccolo 1 (Flute 1), Piccolo 2 (Flute 2), Flute 3,...
  7. Crossing Brooklyn Ferry
    Crossing Brooklyn Ferry
    Chamber Orchestra
  8. Digital Reality
    Digital Reality
    Full Orchestra
  9. Driving Music
    Driving Music
    Score and Parts (116-40330):Rental
    Full Score (416-41425):$28.99
    Large Score (416-41425L):$45.99
    String Orchestra
  10. Earth and Green
    Earth and Green
    Full Orchestra
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