Enhance your saxophone mastery with these two essential companion books.

Enhance your saxophone mastery with these two essential companion books.

Presented in two volumes, The Richtmeyer Method for Saxophone Mastery is a comprehensive curriculum that provides a thorough foundation (and much more!) for saxophone teachers, students at all levels, woodwind doublers wishing to improve saxophone tone and proficiency, and the advanced needs of career-oriented students and performers. Together, these volumes comprise a wealth of information accrued and organized by two leaders in the field into a collection that has quickly become a must-have among saxophone methods.

The Richtmeyer Method for Saxophone Mastery: Volume 1 covers fundamentals such as posture, embouchure development, breath control, articulation, and reeds, as well as the pedagogy involved in teaching different levels, giving master classes, and coaching ensembles.

Available in print or as a digital product downloadable to an iOS device through Newzik or forScore.



The Richtmeyer Method for Saxophone Mastery: Volume 2 discusses preparation for playing, practicing with intention and the development of artistry in mind, setting and accomplishing practice goals, studies for development of technique, prevention of injury, and score study.

Available in print or as a digital product downloadable to an iOS device through Newzik or forScore.


The Richtmeyer Method for Saxophone Mastery is a comprehensive pedagogical system, brilliantly and purposely designed to be equally essential for students of all levels as well as teachers. While difficult to encapsulate all that this two-volume treatise offers, it is the magnum opus of Debra’s proven teaching method, developed and honed over many decades. As impactful, methodical, and clear as if imparted in person, Debra and Connie have meticulously crafted The Richtmeyer Method to be studied and revisited throughout a performers and teacher’s lifetime. While I have been personally inspired by Debra’s teaching methods for some time, this transformational and holistic series to achieving an authentic, artistic voice has already found a prominent place in my own teaching studio. Simply put, there exists no other published curriculum like it. Period.

–Dr. Jan Berry Baker
Professor of Saxophone,
Vice Chair, Department of Music, UCLA

I received The Richtmeyer Method as a gift following many years of shared friendship, as well as deep musical and personal understanding through international events, with its author and editor. Saxophone students, and all musicians aiming to have careers in pedagogy, will recognize this huge work accomplished by Debra Richtmeyer with Connie Frigo as a much-awaited and necessary addition to the pedagogical canon! I especially appreciate the holistic overview of this historic publication, a true reference by a true master. The Hector Berlioz Library of the Paris Conservatoire immediately ordered its own copies! I’ve already learned so many great tips about the reed and the posture, and the two books will stay on my desk for a long time to come!

–Claude Delangle
Professor of Saxophone, Paris Conservatoire, CNSMDP
President, International Saxophone Committee

The Richtmeyer Method is a stunningly comprehensive and unique resource, unlike anything we currently have available in our pedagogy. From the pen of a master teacher, it takes a holistic view of the art of both music-making and teaching - from the important fundamental aspects of approaching the instrument, to the 'birds-eye' view of what it means to be an artist and a teacher in our pursuit of connecting with the music, our audiences, our students, and ourselves. No aspect of our profession is left untouched, and it is quite literally a gold mine of information and inspiration in every chapter. The Richtmeyer Method should be required reading for students and teachers of all levels!

–Taimur Sullivan
Professor of Saxophone, Northwestern University,
PRISM Quartet

The Richtmeyer Method is a remarkably complete guideline for classical saxophonists and classical saxophone teachers. Debra Richtmeyer and co-writer Connie Frigo have put their many decades of University teaching experience together in an uncluttered two-volume format, outlining a detailed and clear path from fundamental knowledge of saxophone playing into artistry on the concert stage. What strikes me is the used imagination, the sometimes funny metaphors and the precise description of the reality of music making and its beautiful and hard elements, physically and mentally. Very handy for every reader are the mnemonics and the effective troubleshooting methodology.

–Arno Bornkamp,
Professor of Saxophone, Amsterdam Conservatory
Co-Founder of Aurelia Quartet

Professor Debra Richtmeyer’s recent books, The Richtmeyer Method, Volumes 1 & 2 are essential to the performer and teacher of today and stand equally alongside defining monographs of the past. A lifetime of artistry, experience, and excellence are contained within this method, and the saxophone profession will benefit from Professor Richtmeyer’s gifts for generations to come!

–Dr. Timothy McAllister
Professor of Saxophone, The University of Michigan

Professors Richtmeyer and Frigo have contributed an excellent addition to the cannon of saxophone pedagogy. Whether you are a beginner, an amateur, or a professional looking to rid yourself of bad habits picked up along the way, The Richtmeyer Method for Saxophone Mastery is–top to bottom–easy to read, digest, and execute. I will recommend these volumes to all of my students, and I am recommending them to all of you.

–Branford Marsalis

The Richtmeyer Method is a truly complete compendium of essential saxophone pedagogy and an excellent musical companion for all student and professional saxophonists. Professor Richtmeyer’s expert musical artistry and teaching is perfectly articulated in both volumes of this method. Full of wisdom, sage advice, and well-proven concepts that promote successful and artistically creative musical performances, The Richtmeyer Method is absolutely a “Must Have” for every serious saxophonist.

–Joseph Lulloff, Professor of Saxophone,
Michigan State University

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