Katherine Hoover (composer)


  • Flute
  • Piano
Score and Parts
Commissioned by the National Flute Association. Premiered by Jeani Foster and Stefanie Jacob at the National Convention, Phoenix, AZ, August 1998. "When asked to write a piece for the National Flute Convention in Phoenix, I envisioned a piece comprising several short movements. The idea of MASKS appealed to me, for a mask generally makes an impression quickly; its affect clear at a glance. I have collected several masks over the years, and looked at many more in museums and art books of various kinds. Three of these movements reflect particular masks that I have seen, one is a generic type, and two are waiting to be constructed. The three specific masks are: I A Haida (Northwest Native American) mask, of commanding presence; II a Huichol (Mexican Native) Jaguar mask, completely beaded with intricate flower patterns; and III, an African American death mask of great calmness. IV is a clown mask, and the last two are left entirely to your imagination." - K. Hoover.
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I. Haida Indian mask
II. Huichol Jaguar mask
III. Afro-American Death mask
IV. Clown Mask
V. (Andante)
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