James Primosch

Oct 29, 1956 — Apr 26, 2021
  1. A Flutist's Sketchbook
    A Flutist's Sketchbook
    Standard Binding (144-40724):$37.99
    Digital (144-40724D):$23.99
    Download (144-40724D-PDF):$37.99
    Flute, Piano
  2. Ariel Songs
    Ariel Songs
    Standard Binding (141-40093):$16.99
    Digital (141-40093D):$10.99
    Download (141-40093D-PDF):$16.99
    Soprano, Piano
  3. Badinerie Squared
    Badinerie Squared
    Standard Binding (144-40625):$9.99
    Digital (144-40625D):$6.99
    Download (144-40625D-PDF):$9.99
    Flute 1, Flute 2
  4. Chamber Concerto
    Chamber Concerto
    Solo Clarinet in B, Percussion (Marimba, Vibrapho...
  5. Chamber Symphony
    Chamber Symphony
    Chamber Orchestra
  6. Dark the Star
    Dark the Star
    Score and Parts (114-42088):Rental
    Full Score (114-42088S):$32.99
    Large Score (114-42088L):$55.00
    Solo Baritone, Clarinet in B (Bass Clarinet in B...
  7. Exchanges
    Full Score (144-40629SD-PDF):$19.99
    Full Score (144-40629S):$19.99
    Set of Performance Scores (144-40629D-PDF):$29.99
    Set of Performance Scores (144-40629):$29.99
    Flute, Clarinet in B
  8. Fantasy-Variations
    Score and Parts (144-40229):$63.00
    Full Score (144-40229S):$29.99
    Set of Parts (144-40229M):$31.95
    Piano Trio
  9. Fire-Memory/River Memory
    Fire-Memory/River Memory
    Full Orchestra
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