Lyrical Flute Miniatures

Various (composer)


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Lyrical Flute Miniatures is a captivating collection of 40 short pieces for beginner and early intermediate flute players of all ages, exclusively commissioned from some of today's most exciting composers. These musical gems offer a diverse array of musical styles, ensuring a rich and engaging journey into the world of flute music. From lyrical melodies to lively dances, each piece has been crafted to nurture both technique and expressive playing, exploring the beauty and versatility of the flute.   Free Flute and Piano recordings, and Piano backing tracks for every piece can be found on YouTube at “theyoungfluteplayer” (no spaces) channel, see the playlist for Lyrical Flute Miniatures. You can also find the link and further information at
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Publisher: Allegro Music
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Wamberal Walk - Merryl Neille
Song on the Purple Lake - Jolin Jiang
Ali's Magic Carpet - Jon Raybould
Rippling Waters - Jon Raybould
Floating by Ocean Shores - Ella Macens
Mischievous Minuet - Emma Greenhill
A Courtly Dance - Wendy Edwards Beardall-Norton
A Time for Dreaming - Jon Raybould
Waving Trees - Ansje De Graef
Life of a Silk Worm - Katrina Penman
Perhaps Evening - Christopher Sainsbury
The Merry Lamplighter - Greg Harradine
Brave Grasshopper - Elena Kats-Chemin
Absent-minded Lizard - Elena Kats-Chemin
Dragonfly Delight - Elena Kats-Chemin
Little Spanish Dancer - Katrina Penman
Ahoy There! - Jon Raybould
Little-wing Sky - Christopher Sainsbury
Back and Forth - Wendy Edwards Beardall-Norton
Picnic in the Park - Grant Horsley
The Unquenchable Fire - Greg Harradine
Jack-in-the-Box - Jon Raybould
Maypole Dance - Jon Raybould
Butterflies - Grant Horsley
Sailor's Dance - Grant Horsley
Riddle of the Water Nixie - Greg Harradine
The Cheerful Flutist - Danielle Fournier
As a Sea at Rest - Christopher Sainsbury
Catch Me If You Can - Grant Horsley
Moving Through Air - David Hamilton
Melancholic Melody - Ansje De Graef
May I have this Dance? - Gabriel Fromyhr
Gaelic Dance - Danielle Fournier
House Mouse Waltz - Rebecca Hilliard
Bumble Bee Bounce - Ella Macens
Funky Flamingo Fiesta - Emma Greenhill
Mysterious Procession - Jonathan Russell
Huaraches Cha Cha - Wendy Edwards Beardall-Norton
Whispering Willows - Emma Greenhill
Summer Rain - Ella Macens
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