Stacy Garrop (composer)


  • Violin
  • Violoncello
  • Piano
The genesis of SEVEN emerged from two separate sources. The first is Anne Sexton?s evocative poem Seven Times, in which the speaker of the poem longs for release from life. Upon dying, she is surprised to find a quiet, peaceful place. The second source was the T.V. show Star Trek Voyager. One of humanity's worst enemies are the Borg, which are a half-machine, half-organic species who assimilate all species they encounter and add them to their collective conscious. The crew of Voyager managed to sever one Borg's connection with the collective consciousness, thus leaving the Borg isolated and human for the first time since she had been abducted as a young girl. This Borg, named Seven of Nine, found the isolation of being an individual almost unbearable for numerous episodes before she began realizing her full potential in her new human life.
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Ensemble: Piano Trio
Duration: 10:30
Publisher: Hildegard Publishing Company
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