Slap It!

Funk Studies for the Electric Bass

Tony Oppenheim (composer), Tony Oppenheim (author)


  • Electric Bass


This 25th Anniversary Edition of our best-selling Slap It! has a fresh look and enhanced content to celebrate its tenure as a leader in the funk arena. Oppenheim's step-by-step instruction book includes over 150 musical exercises for developing bass slap-playing technique, laid out in standard notation and tablature. Detailing string popping, dead notes, hammer-ons, and pull-offs, Slap It! covers the basics and continues right up to highly advanced slap skills. An essential tool for those looking to learn master the art of funk bass playing!
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Publisher: Theodore Presser Company
Product Type: Methods and Studies
Accompanied: Unaccompanied Solo
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Preface to the fifth edition
Using the CD
Open String Exercises
Definitions of Special Notation
String Popping Exercises
Hammered on the lifted off notes
Dead Notes
Octave Notes
Octaves with Hammered on notes
Hammered on octaves patterns
Hammered on octaves patterns with dead notes
Introduction to slap bass studies

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