For Solo Horn and Max/Msp Processing

David Felder (composer)


  • Horn in F
  • Electronics (Max/MSP processing)
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“Musically speaking, five types of 'behavior' were selected for the soloist: manic, threatening, introverted, aggressive, and lyrical, and these are juxtaposed throughout the work. On the technical level, all sounds are made by the performer; live, on the computer part, and through live electronic sound manipulation. …BoxMan is a fiercely virtuosic piece challenging the performer in every way imaginable--technically, (range, speed, articulation, dynamics, endurance, synchronization with live and pre-recorded electronics, etc.), and perhaps more importantly, expressively.” -- David Felder (Read more at University of Buffalo “Edge of the Center”)
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Tempo: Manic (q = 108)
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Page count: 14
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ISBN: 978-1-4911-3163-3

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