Catalog Aria, From 'The Classical Style'

For Tenor And Piano

Steven Stucky (composer), Jeremy Denk (librettist)


  • Tenor
  • Piano
The curtain rises on Beethoven, Mozart, and Haydn playing Scrabble in heaven. A I chord, a IV chord, and a V chord walk into a bar... The great classical masters return to earth in search of musicologist Charles Rosen. Jeremy Denk's brilliant madcap libretto and Steven Stucky's delightfully witty and dramatic score make The Classical Style an opera (of sorts) that celebrates, entertains, and stimulates. The story line and musical references make The Classical Style charming for all audiences, and extra special for those well-versed in the classical style. In Catalog Aria, Snibblesworth, a musicology graduate student at UC Berkeley, sings (to the Commendatore) an aria parodying Don Giovanni's famous catalog, detailing who Beethoven is.
SKU: 141-40091
Duration: 3:00
Tempo: Allegro (h = 88)
Text Source: Libretto by Jeremy Denk
Commission Notice: Commissioned by the Ojai Music Festival, Cal Performances, University of California, Berkeley, Carnegie Hall, and the Aspen Music Festival and School
Publisher: Theodore Presser Company
Delivery Method: Print
Accompanied: Accompanied Solo
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ISBN: 978-1-4911-0042-4
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