for a Flautist with Orchestra

Shulamit Ran (composer)
Solo Flute (Alto Flute (amplified), Piccolo), Flut...


My having been commissioned by the National Flute Association for a flute concerto in celebration of that organization's year 2000 convention was, for me, a much-relished opportunity to further explore the direction I found myself pursuing in two earlier compositions ? "East Wind" for solo flute (1987), and "Mirage" for five instrument (1991), a piece which "ethos" is established by the opening alto flute melody - in the context of the larger and fuller palette of a concerto. Even though I had used the flute often, in various settings, in my past music, it was in "East Wind" and "Mirage" where I felt myself developing a more personal, distinct ?flute voice?. And it is that voice, interspersing sensuousness, lyricism, brilliance, gentleness and ecstasy, which I tried to bring to the fore in "Voices", subtitled "A Concerto for Flautist with Orchestra." The work's first movement, "Quasi Pasaccaglia", features the C flute as soloist, moving without a break into the second movement, titled "Voice of the Wood", where the soloist plays the alto flute. In the third movement, "Big Bands, Little Bands", the C flute returns, though this time in the context of an orchestral flute section, segueing at mid-point into the brilliant flourishes of a solo piccolo. "Voices" received its premiere on August 19, 2000, with Patricia Spencer, flutist, and Ransom Wilson, conductor.
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Ensemble: Full Orchestra
Duration: 16:00
Commission Notice: Commissioned by the National Flute Association for its Year 2000 Convention
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I. Quasi Passacaglia (C flute)
II. Voice of the Wood (amplified alto flute)
III. Big Bands, Little Bands (C flute, piccolo)
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