Medieval Suite

Katherine Hoover (composer)
Solo Flute, Piccolo, Oboe, Clarinet 1 in B, Clari...
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The Medieval Suite was inspired by characters and events described in Barbara Tuchman?s ?A Distant Mirror?, a history of fourteenth-century France. It was a violent, bitter century of extensive wars, and Ms. Tuchman sees it as something of a reflection of our own. The first movement, Virelai, uses parts of a work in that form by Guillaume de Machaut, a French composer of that era. The Black Knight was a valiant, violent British prince, barred from his beloved fighting by a wasting disease. The fourteenth century was a low point for the Catholic Church with warring Popes in Rome and Avignon, and The Drunken Friar was apparently a common sight. In this movement I have freely adapted and embroidered a Gregorian chant and quoted a well-known round of the time, Sumer is acumin in. Princess Isabelle describes a daughter of the King of France who was engaged at the age of six, sent to England to live permanently, and wed at twelve - a common fate for royal children. The Demon?s Dance was a desperate marathon dance done by some in hopes of avoiding the Black Plague.
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Duration: 19:00
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