Double Concerto for Alto Saxophone, Tuba, and Wind Ensemble

Solo Parts with Piano Reduction

Stacy Garrop (composer)


  • Solo Alto Saxophone in E
  • Solo Tuba
  • Piano
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Inspired by an optical phenomenon only visible from high altitude mountains at dawn and dusk, this double concerto for alto saxophone and tuba by Stacy Garrop—whose music is esteemed and loved among wind players—traces the sun’s daily journey over such a peak. The solo parts accumulate virtuosic animation across the work’s three movements, and eventually settle into evening stillness, when, according to composer, the alpenglow is at its most radiant: “The earth’s atmosphere scatters the sun’s light, allowing only particular wavelengths through, and blanketing the mountains in rich hues of peach, pink, red, and purple.” A feast for the eyes becomes a feast for the ears for players and listeners alike in this imaginative and attractive work. (Wind ensemble score and parts available on rental, 115-40431.)
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Duration: 18:00
Tempo: q = 60
Commission Notice: Commissioned by Butler University; Carthage College; Illinois State University; Florida State University; Kansas State University; Louisiana State University; Mansfield University; Oklahoma State University; Roosevelt University; St. Charles East High School; " The President' s Own" United States Marine Band; University of Arkansas; University of Massachusetts Amherst; University of Minnesota at Twin Cities; University of Nevada, Las Vegas; University of Nevada, Reno; University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire; and the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee.
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