Magic Maze

Martin Amlin (composer)


  • Viola
  • Piano


Magic Maze is the perfect title for this 8-minute adventure for viola and piano. Cycling through a form loosely inspired by numerical "magic squares," the work is a chain of variations on a 12-note series built of perfect fourths and minor thirds. Miniature versions of various characters — march, canon, barcarolle, toccata, bolero, and sarabande — weave their way through the continuous labyrinth, all based on symmetrical patterns of pitch and rhythm that continually develop and return.
SKU: 114-41910
Duration: 8:00
Dedication: for Michelle LaCourse
Publisher: Theodore Presser Company
Product Type: Score and Parts
Accompanied: Accompanied Solo
Page count: 24
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ISBN: 978-1-4911-2942-5
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