Fanmi Imèn

Poem for Flute and Piano

Valerie Coleman (composer)


  • Flute
  • Piano
Fanmi Imen
Adam Eccleston, flute and Kira Whiting, piano. October 20, 2018.


The title Fanmi Imen is Haitian Creole for Maya Angelou’s famous work, Human Family. Both the musical and literary poems acknowledge differences within mankind, either due to ethnicity, background, or geography, but Angelou’s refrain: “we are more alike, my friends, than we are unlike,” reaffirms our humanity as a reminder of unity. Coleman’s work draws inspiration from French flute music blending with an underlying pentatonicism found in Asian traditions, a caravan through Middle Eastern parts of the world merging with Flamenco, and an upbeat journey southward into Africa with the sounds of Kalimba (thumb piano). Fanmi Imen was commissioned by the National Flute Association for its 2018 High School Soloist Competition.
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Duration: 6:30
Commission Notice: Commissioned by the National Flute Association, Inc. for the 2018 High School Soloist Competition
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Accompanied: Accompanied Solo
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