A Due

For Violin And Violoncello

Shulamit Ran (composer)


  • Violin
  • Violoncello
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Two disparate instruments begin in their own voices, slowly become aware of each other, play off of each other, play together, become close. "The analogy to a human relationship (though not one specific type of relationship) between two people that either are, or become, extremely close, fraught with all the complexity, contradictions, and degrees of emotion that an ever-evolving close relationship engenders, was indeed on my mind throughout the compositional process," says Ran. A Due spans a wide range of emotional content from fully immersed musicians.
SKU: 114-41691
Duration: 15:00
Tempo: Very Slowly (q = 48)
Dedication: To Avi – the one
Commission Notice: Commissioned by Laurie Smukler
Publisher: Theodore Presser Company
Product Type: Set of Performance Scores
UPC: 6-80160-62603-8
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