In A Deep Funk

Dance Set For Solo Bass Clarinet (Or Contralto Or Contrabass)

Daniel Dorff (composer)


  • Bass Clarinet in B (or Contralto Cl. or Contrabass Cl.)
In A Deep Funk
Barbara Haney


Already a long-standing rite of passage in the contrabassoon repertoire, Dorff has revisited and adapted In A Deep Funk for solo bass clarinet, for Barbara Haney to premiere at the 2014 ICA ClarinetFest. In the spirit of Bach cello suites, Dorff develops characteristic dance rhythms to drive each movement. The subtitles tell it all: Hustle Misterioso, Twist Variations, Bear Hug (a slow 12/8 ballad), and Funk Scherzo. For advanced performers.
SKU: 114-41636
Duration: 14:00
Dedication: Bass clarinet version dedicated to Barbara Haney
Commission Notice: Original contrabassoon version commissioned by the Las Vegas Sundowners Lions Club
State List / Editors Choice: UIL PML
Publisher: Theodore Presser Company
Accompanied: Unaccompanied Solo
Weight: 0.15 lbs.
UPC: 6-80160-61975-7
ISBN: 978-1-59806-741-5
1. Hustle Misterioso
2. Twist Variations
3. Bear Hug
4. Funk Scherzo
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