Jing Marimba

For Solo Marimba

Chen Yi (composer)


  • Marimba


Commissioned by marimbist Nancy Zeltsman, Jing Marimba uses characteristic melodic phrases from traditional Beijing opera, building an overall musical structure carefully based on Confucian Golden Mean proportions, with a structural map provided in the composer’s preface to illustrate the carefully-planned ratios in the musical form.
SKU: 114-41393
Duration: 4:00
Commission Notice: Commissioned by ZMF New Music, a project of Zeltsman Marimba Festival, Inc.
State List / Editors Choice: UIL PML
Publisher: Theodore Presser Company
Accompanied: Unaccompanied Solo
Weight: 0.1 lbs.
UPC: 6-80160-58866-4
ISBN: 978-1-59806-293-9
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