Album Leaves, Vol. 1

Thomas Pasatieri (composer), Whitman (lyricist), Shakespeare (lyricist), Petrarca (lyricist), et al.


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America’s most beloved and prolific composer of operas and song cycles, Thomas Pasatieri offers 12 songs of diverse mood and text, launching a series of Album Leaves songbooks. In this mixture of old and new songs, texts range from Shakespeare and Walt Whitman to scripture and Sheila Nadler’s “Overweight, Overwrought, Over You.”
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Language: Italian, German, English, Latin
Text Source: Poems by William Shakespeare, Walt Whitman, Christina Rossetti, Emily Dickinson, Sheila Nadler, and Francesco Petrarca. Includes Biblical text and text by the composer.
Dedication: 1. to John Ostendorf 2. to Delilah 3. to CoCo 4. to Fiona 5. to Mark Howard 6. Joan Patenaude 7. to Victoria Livengood 10. to Thomas Hampson 11. a Giuseppe Filianoti
Commission Notice: 6. Joan Patenaude
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ISBN: 978-1-59806-439-1
1. Orpheus
2. The Last Invocation
3. Dream Land
4. Flow My Tears
5. These Are The Days
6. Ophelia's Lament
7. Overweight, Overwrought, Over You
8. The Magdalene
9. Daniel In The Lions' Den
10. Alleluia
11. Solo e pensoso
12. Voi ch'ascoltate
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