The Three Little Pigs

For Narrator, Violin, and Cello

Daniel Dorff (composer), Daniel Dorff (lyricist)


  • Narrator
  • Violin
  • Violoncello


Commissioned by the Auricolae and the American Composers Forum for Strings in the Schools, The Three Little Pigs is a full-sounding showpiece for Violin and Cello, telling the familiar story while illustrating musical variations and leitmotifs, using lots of humor for children, adults, and musicians. The audience even helps the wolf blow the house down! Performances have been hosted by the Aspen Music Festival and Syracuse's Society for New Music, as well as many elementary schools. A recording is available on the Auricolae's Fairy Tales, Folklore, and Fables CD, released on New Focus.
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Duration: 10:45
Key: G major
Tempo: Allegro (q = 96)
Text Source: Daniel Dorff
Commission Notice: THE THREE LITTLE PIGS was commissioned through the American Composers Forum as part of the Community Partners program
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