for Piano

Chen Yi (composer)


  • Piano
Kiu Tung Poon, piano


Ji-Dong-Nuo is the name of a folk ballad of the Yao ethic people in southwest China, Borrowed from the name of a quail who sings beautiful tunes. According to legend, there was a girl who loved singing. However, she became unhappy after she married, since she had to stop singing under the orders of her father. Once, she heard a happy quail singing on the hill and she broke out singing a beautiful song of her own. The song has been passed on and given the title Ji-Dong-Nuo to describe the beautiful story. This piano solo piece was inspired by Ji-Dong-Nuo, drawing some pitch material from the folk tune while keeping the characteristics of the girl and the style of Chinese traditional instrumental performance.
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Duration: 5:00
Tempo: Leggiero (e = 126)
Dedication: for Emanuel Ax
Commission Notice: Commissioned by Carnegie Hall for Emanuel Ax's "Ballad" concert program
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Product Type: Score
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