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National Flute Association Winners

Winners at the National Flute Association Composition Competition

Congratulations to all of Theodore Presser Company, Carl Fischer Music, and Affiliate Publishers winners at the National Flute Association’s 2016 Newly Published Music Competition.  Here is a list of our awards:


Flute and Piano

Winner: Amanda Harberg – Feathers and Wax

Winner: Emmanuel Pahud – Wer hat dies Liedel erdacht?

Finalist: Martin Amlin – Morceau de Concours

Finalist: Valarie Coleman – Wish

Finalist: Amanda Harberg – Poem and Transformations

Finalist: Gary Schocker – Wabi-Sabi

Finalist: Rahbari Fereshteh – Curtain Up!

Honorable Mention: Nicola Mazzanti – Sonata in C, K. 545

Honorable Mention: Adriana Isabel Figueroa Manas – Rhapsodia Andina

Honorable Mention: Henrik Wiese – Märchenbilder Op. 113


Solo Works

Finalist: Eric Ewazen – A Night in New Orleans

Finalist: Louis Moyse – Seven Caprices-Etudes for Flute and Piano

Honorable Mention: Anton Pfeiffer – Fantaisie sur Benyovszky, Op. 26


Flute Concerto

Winner: Ellen Taaffe Zwilich – Concerto Elegia

Finalist: Robert Stallman – The Magic Flutist, Volume II

Honorable Mention: Jonathan Leshnoff – Flute Concerto


Flute Methods

Winner: Chris Potter – Vibrato Workbook

Finalist: John Walker – The Flute in the Attic


Chamber Works for Flute

Finalist: Flutronix – Flock

Honorable Mention: Diego Collatti – Tango Flute Duets

Honorable Mention: Derek Charke – Raga Saat


Chamber Works for Flute and Other Instruments

Winner: Paula Robison, Edited by Frederic Hand  – La Serenata

Winner: Dan Welcher – Forest Devil Waltzes

Finalist: Gary Schocker – Sextet


Woodwind Quintet

Winner: Daniel Dorff – Cape May Breezes


Flute Choir

Finalist: Jonathan Cohen – She Flutters Me!