Bill Watrous & Alan Raph

Text by Bill Watrous & Alan Raph
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Performing Ensemble: Trombone Unaccompanied
Instrumentation: Tenor
Item Number: O5130
Number of Pages: 48
Publisher: Carl Fischer Music
Print Status: In Print


Quick Overview

Oriented towards the jazz and commercial tenor or bass trombone player, this book is a set of 47 one-page "units," each with a few short exercises on each concept. Unlike many technique books, this book does not just present a series of large etudes with many technical problems. Instead, each unit focuses on a specific trombonistic technical issue (lip-break articulations, glissando, chord progressions, etc). It also contains a nice section on "doodle" tonguing. The included demo CD contains recorded examples by Watrous (tenor) and Raph (bass) of most of the exercises.

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  • Trombonisms
  • Trombonisms
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Additional Information


The authors
Controlling the air stream
Overtone series
Playing fast, clean and in tune
Alternate positions
Lip-break articulations
Overtone chart
Arpeggio Patterns
Double and triple tonguing
Development of da-dl-a-dl
Development choices
Playing very high notes
Playing very low notes
Playing very long notes/circular breathing
Playing more than one note
The buzz portamento/glissando
Unusual sounds
General considerations/hints for practising
Appendix A
Appendix B
Appendix c