The Seasonings (S. 1 1/2 Tsp.)

Oratorio for Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Bass Soloists, Mixed Chorus (S.A.T.B.) and Orchestra

P.D.Q. Bach

Edited by Prof. Peter Schickele
Publisher: Theodore Presser Company
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Quick Overview

The unearthing of the grand oratorio, The Seasonings, was especially exciting, since it proved beyond a doubt that P.D.Q.'s inabilities ;were not limited to the smaller forms; every measure of this monumental work is infected with the same lofty intentions which permeate the cantata Iphigenia in Brooklyn and other shorter pieces, and the carrying out of these intentions is equally disappointing. The road to musicians? Hell must be paved with P.D.Q. Bach compositions.

His instrumentation, however, is always interesting; in The Seasonings, he employs a lurid assembly of instruments which, in addition to the usual trumpets, timpani, and strings, includes a push-button chord organ, two slide whistles, two kazoos (the instruments themselves are modern, but for the sake of authenticity they are equipped with original 18th century tissue paper), a shower hose in D, a tromboon (this instrument is a hybrid - that's the nicer word - constructed from parts of a bassoon and a trombone; it has all the disadvantages of both), a windbreaker and a slide wind-breaker (perhaps the less said about these the better; they consist of tuned mailing tubes, and are sometimes referred to in old treatises as "mailing tubas") and, interestingly enough, a foghorn. I don't know of any other piece, intended for performance on the land, that uses a foghorn.

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Additional Information

Duration 20:00
Editor Schickele, Prof. Peter
Orchestration SATB Soloists, SATB Chorus; 2 Slide Whistles, 2 Kazoos, Tromboon, Windbreaker, Shower Hose, Foghorn, 2 Tpt. Timp. Str.


Chorus: Tarragon of virtue is full
Recitative: And there were in the same country
Duet: Bide thy thyme
Fugue for Orchestra
Recitative: Then asked he
Chorale: By the leeks of Babylon
There we sat down, yea, we wept
Recitative: Then she gave in
Aria: Open sesame seeds
Recitative: So Saying
Duet: Summer is a cumin seed
Chorus with Soloists: To curry favor, favor curry