The Russian Collection Vol.10


Edited by Matanya Ophee
Item Number: 494-02824
Publisher: Editions Orphee
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Volume Ten, like the previous books in the Russian Collection series, is intended to serve as a general introduction to Russian seven-string guitar music, including concert repertoire, transcriptions, themes and variations, fantasias, and more. Suitable for players using standard guitars as well, this volume includes the original seven-string versions as well as a few works printed here for the fi rst time in the West. (The six-string guitar is tuned in fourths, while the Russian seven-string guitar is tuned in thirds). Most six-string guitar players acclimate quickly to playing in this tuning and are able to read the music without the aid of tablature. However, for newcomers, this edition is equipped with a generous layer of fingering.

The Russian Collection Vol.10

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Editor Ophee, Matanya
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