Harmony Book for Beginnings

A Text Book and Writing Book for The First Year's Work, for Class, Private and Self Instruction, Including Scales, Intervals, Common Chords, The Dominant Seventh Chord and Melody Making

Text by Preston Ware Orem
Soft Cover
Item Number: 417-40040
Number of Pages: 144
Publisher: Theodore Presser Company
Print Status: In Print


Quick Overview

The Harmony Book for Beginners contains in depth private and self instruction on scales, intervals, common chords, the dominant seventh chord, and melody making.

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  • Harmony Book for Beginnings
  • Harmony Book for Beginnings

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I. Preliminary
II. Further Preliminary Work
III. The Scale
IV. The Major Scale Continued
V. Intervals
VI. Intervals Continued
VII. Further Consideration of Intervals
VIII. Triads
IX. Common Chords
X. Common Chords in Succession
XI. Harmonizing a Melody
XII. Harmonizing a Melody Continued
XIII. The First Inversion
XIV. Second Inversion Continued
XV. Degree Names-The Second Inversion
XVI. Second Inversion Continued
XVII. Cadences
XVIII. Harmonizing Melodies Resumed
XIX. The Minor Scale
XX. Harmony in the Minor
XXI. Harmony in the Minor Continued
XXII. The Figured Bass
XXIII. The Figured Bass Continued
XXIV. Melodies and Figures
XXV. Freer Use of Chords and Inversions
XXVI. Additional Uses of the Second Inversion
XXVII. The Dominant Seventh Chord
XXVIII. Inversions of the Dominant Seventh Chord
XXIX. Further Uses of the Dominant Seventh Chord-Sequences
XXX. On Melody Making