Symphony No. 2

Gerald Levinson

Duration: 00:40:00
Publisher: Merion Music, Inc.
Print Status: Rental

Quick Overview

While imagining this work, knowing that I was writing for a supremely virtuosic orchestra and conductor, I allowed myself to pursue the most challenging consequences of my musical ideas. Each new work is for me an exploration of unknown territory, in terms both of musical technique and of inner meaning, and this work follows that exploratory urge to the fullest.

While I was engaged in this voyage of discovery, I was affected by the deaths of two people close to me. The first, in the spring of 1992, was the passing of my former teacher and long-time friend Olivier Messiaen. (A central sonority of the work, a ?mountainous? chord of quasi-B-flat major, was conceived the day after his funeral when I sat high in a glacier field in the Alps of the Dauphin

Additional Information

Commission Commissioned by the Koussevitzky Foundation and the Los Angeles Philharmonic
Composition Date 1992-94
Orchestration 5(2Picc./A.Fl.) 4(E.H.) 4(EbCl./B.Cl./Cb.Cl.) 4(Cbsn.) - 4 4(in C) 4 1; Timp. 4-5Perc. Pno. Cel. Hp. Str.
Premiere January 6, 1995. Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Sir Simon Rattle.

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