Sand II

for Chamber Ensemble and Mezzo-soprano

Daniel Asia

Publisher: Merion Music, Inc.
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Quick Overview

?Sand II? was completed in 1978 and is scored for two flutes, clarinet, two percussion players, two pianos, and mezzo-soprano. The work is in seven movements, six of which include poems chosen from Gary Snyder?s book of poetry and essays, ?Regarding Wave,? and an instrumental interlude. With the exception of the first, all of the movements are played without pause.

Snyder?s poetry reflects numerous influences. These include most strongly the environmental and cultural attributes of the West Coast and Japan, the result of his having lived in both areas for long periods of time. The poetic images are concise and clear, reminiscent of the Japanese haiku. The relationship to subject seems casual and easy-going, very much a reflection of the West Coast scene of the 60?s. And thus the tone of these poems seems to be the result of the blending of an artful, and vernacular, approach to language.

?Sand II? was given its first performance by Musical Elements, Mary Feinsinger, mezzo-soprano, and Daniel Asia, conductor, on October 27, 1979 at Carnegie Hall, New York.

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Additional Information

Composition Date 1978
Duration 00:19:00
Orchestration Mezzo-sop.; 2Fl. Cl. 2Perc. 2Pno. or El.Pno.