Romance and Dance

for Two Solo Violins and String Orchestra

Chen Yi

Duration: 00:10:00
Publisher: Theodore Presser Company
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Quick Overview

The piece consists of two movements, which are two independent pieces written for string orchestra. The first movement, "Romance", was originally entitled "Romance of Hsiao and Ch?in", dedicated to Maestro Yehudi Menuhin and Edna Michell for Yehudi?s 80th birthday celebration concert at Avery Fisher Hall at the Lincoln Center Festival in July of 1996. It?s written for western instruments which reproduce the sound and style of hsiao and ch?in -- the Chinese traditional instruments. Hsiao is a vertical bamboo flute which carries lyrical melodies through delicate lines, grace notes and silence. Ch?in is a two thousand year old Chinese 7-string zither, which has a rich repertoire in the history of Chinese music and literature. In ch?in performance, it produces various articulations by different fingerings of plucking and vibratos, played with both hands. These two instruments are often played together and produce a good balance for sonority and timbre. In the "Romance of Hsiao and Ch?in", the two violin solo parts transmit a lyrical sense to express the composer?s love of humanities, while the string orchestra part, sounding like an enlarged ch?in, symbolizes Nature.

The second movement "Dance" is adapted from the third movement of my quintet, "Fiddle Suite", which was originally commissioned by the Fromm Music Foundation at Harvard University for the Kronos Quartet and Chinese fiddle (huqin). In "Dance", the featured leading violin part plays very fast moving lines while the string orchestra plays the supporting dissonant harmonic progressions. The image came from the dancing ink on paper in Chinese calligraphy and the fiery moving gestures of the ancient Chinese women dancers. The pitch material is drawn from Beijing Opera tunes.

"Romance and Dance" was premiered by the Stuttgart Chamber Orchestra, conducted by Dennis Russell Davies, on December 11th (L

Additional Information

Composition Date 1995
Orchestration 2 Solo Vln., Str.
Premiere December 11th, 12th, 1999. Stuttgart Chamber Orchestra, conducted by Dennis Russell Davies, L


I. Romance
II. Dance

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