Remembrance in Black and White

for Solo Voice and Ensemble

Dan Welcher

Performing Ensemble: Voice and Instrument
Text: Poem by Christina Hutchins
Publisher: Elkan-Vogel, Inc.
Print Status: Rental

Quick Overview

This work was commissioned to honor mezzo-soprano Virginia Dupuy by Southwestern University, in Georgetown, Texas. Virginia is a dear friend of mine, and we have often collaborated in the past on my music (as well as that of others). I have been wanting for years to write a work for her that could call forth the richness of emotion and feeling that her voice contains. When I received this commission, I immediately turned to a poem called ?Black and White Blessing? by the young California poet Christina Hutchins, whose volume of poetry ?Collecting Light? had been sent to me as a Christmas gift. The poem is basically a remembering of a father?s love, from the vantage point of many years after the occasion being remembered. The poem literally jumped off the page at me: the poet?s emotions remembering a long-ago day with her father by looking at an old photograph, were so vivid, and so universal, that I simply had to set them to music. I?d been waiting for this chance, in fact, ever since I first read the poem.

The setting is for voice and seven players (the standard ?Pierrot? combination of flute and clarinet, violin and cello, piano and percussion, plus a viola to make the string sonorities a little more lush). The poem is set in its entirety, and falls easily into four sections, following the subtle shifting of moods in the poem: beginning with hazy memory, then feeling the excitement of the remembered summer day, then a settling down into a prayerful, thankful spirit for the parent who had given so much. The line ?I will love you no matter where you go or what you do? was the first line I set, and that melody opens the work and makes a frame around it, even though it occurs two-thirds of the way through the poem itself.

"Remembrance In Black And White" is dedicated with love to my parents, Carol and Jack Welcher.

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Additional Information

Commission Commissioned by Southwestern University and Voices of Change- for Virginia Dupuy -
Composition Date 2001
Duration 14:00
Orchestration Solo Voice; Fl.(dbl. Picc) Cl. Perc. Pno. Vln. Vla. Vcl.
Premiere September 28, 2001. Southwestern University, Georgetown, TX.Virginia Dupuy, mezzo-soprano