Preludes & Fugues From The Well-Tempered Clavier

Johann Sebastian Bach

Arranged by Matanya Ophee
Text by Leo Brouwer
Transcribed by Alfredo Sanchez
Item Number: 494-02447
Number of Pages: 80
Publisher: Editions Orphee
Print Status: In Print


Quick Overview

A musical transcription needs to be justified by one or more valid reasons to establish a favorable balance between what the transcribed work stands to gain and what it stands to lose from the inevitable modifications which will change the course of its life as a result of the transcription. The present work achieves double merit by contributing to the enrichment of the guitar's repertoire with material whose value is beyond discussion; on the other hand, the real contribution of this work is to make it possible for the present day guitarist to have in his hands a method that focuses on the practice of polyphony. It is not only a delight listening to the performance of a work so coveted by guitarists, but one is also amazed at the extensive polyphonic horizon to be covered upon adapting for our instrument a work of such contrapuntal magnitude as The Well-Tempered Clavier by Johann Sebastian Bach.

Preludes & Fugues From The Well-Tempered Clavier

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Additional Information

Arranger Ophee, Matanya
Transcriber Sanchez, Alfredo
Publisher ID PWYS-49


Vol. I, Prelude 1, BWV846
Vol. I, Prelude 2, BWV847
Vol. II, Prelude 2, BWV871
Vol. I, Prelude 4, BWV849
Vol. I, Prelude 6, BWV851
Vol. II, Prelude 7, BWV876
Vol. I, Prelude 8, BWV853
Vol. I, Prelude 9, BWV854
Vol. II, Prelude 12, BWV881
Vol. I, Prelude 13, BWV858
Vol. II, Prelude 16, BWV885
Vol. I, Prelude 17, BWV862
Vol. II, Prelude 20, BWV889
Vol. I, Prelude 21, BWV866
Vol. I, Prelude 23, BWV868
Vol. I, Prelude 24, BWV869
Vol. II, Prelude 24, BWV893
Vol. 1, Fugue 1, BWV846
Vol. I, Fugue 2, BWV847
Vol, II, Fugue 2, BWV871
Vol. II, Fugue 5, BWV874
Vol. II, Fugue 7, BWV876
Vol. II, Fugue 8, BWV877
Vol. I, Fugue 13, BWV858
Vol. I, Fugue 14, BWV859
Vol. I, Fugue 17, BWV862
Vol. I, Fugue 18, BWV863
Vol. I, Fugue 23, BWV868
Vol. I, Fugue 24, BWV869