Petites Pieces De Couleur

Alfred Herzog

Score and Audio CD
Instrumentation: 2 - 6 Instruments
Item Number: 554-01357
Number of Pages: 31
Publisher: Editions Van de Velde
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Has the Methode Rose aged? Most probably, as Ernest Van de Velde's budding tutor is now almost a hundred years old. It has lived through a lot, has seen fashions, revolutions and educational and cultural wars come and go, but is still alive and well and has kept its girlish complexion. The Methode Rose is definitely not a withered and starchy old spinster but rather a lovable grandmother who remains undiminished, fresh and... in the pink. Do you know why? Because she has always been in contact with children, which is the only way to remain youthful and alert. Even to this day, new members of a great variety of colours are being born into her large family of offspring. Is this compendium one other grandchildren? No! She's here in person, walking arm in arm with a young man who is lavishing care on her. She has a younger air, as upright, sharp, and spirited as ever but seemingly brighter and more lively. The association with Alfred Herzog has definitely been profitable, which will come of no surprise to those who know this enthusiastic and passionate musician. She will never be alone again! Flute, clarinet, violin, cello, triangle and Basque drum are all present and always present - there are no separate parts: everything is to be read, understood and listened to by everyone. We cannot lay enough stress on the fact that a good musician is one who spends time listening. Are the se miniatures useful? They are essential!

This tutor brings method to study - this is an old word which meant way in Greek. What is more pleasant, formative and stimulating than making one's way in good company? -Claude-Henry Joubert

Petites Pieces De Couleur

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