Pathways to Security

Henry Brant

Publisher: Carl Fischer Music
Print Status: Rental

Quick Overview

Pathways to Security is an ambulant, spatial cantata for walking singer and nine spatially deployed instruments. What might the pathways to security be? Could they be the ways of honesty, integrity, candor and generosity? Might security on the other hand be more effectively attained via self-interest, high-voltage persuasive power, shrewd investments and higher profits? Can the two categories be compatible? Perhaps such issues can be more appropriately addressed in terms of a secret language, and the author has accordingly translated the singer's text into a synthetic language, Rongva-Ruzhindya. This work has recently been recorded by Newport Classics, with Michael Ingham soloist with Boston Musica Viva.

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Additional Information

Commission Commissioned by: San Francisco Contemporary Music Players
Composition Date 1990
Duration 00:23:00
Orchestration Solo baritone voice; fl.(picc.), cl.(; Timp. perc. pno. accordion (or org. or melodica) (opt. hp.); vln., vla., vcl., cb.
Premiere Boston Musica Viva, conducted by Richard Pittman.