Morning Star

An Opera In Two Acts

Ricky Ian Gordon

Libretto by William M. Hoffman
Piano Reduction/Vocal Score
Performing Ensemble: Voice with Piano
Item Number: 411-41145
Number of Pages: 322
Text: Based on the Play 'Morning Star' by Sylvia Regan
Duration: 2:30:00
Publisher: Theodore Presser Company
Print Status: In Print


Quick Overview

The title aria tells us “Morning Star” refers to Venus and is a metaphor for love and hope. Based on Sylvia Regan’s play and on parallels with the composer’s own family, Morning Star is a deeply touching character piece about life among Jewish immigrants in New York City’s Lower East Side. Hope blossoms and is dashed as the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire of 1911, World War I, and the Great Depression lead to death, divorce, and despair. Through it all, William M. Hoffman’s colorful libretto and Ricky Ian Gordon’s engaging score maintain charming threads of love and optimism, comedy amid tragedy, and luscious sonorities featuring a large cast of singers - in English, Yiddish, Italian, and Haitian French. The two-act opera is 2½ hours in duration.

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Additional Information

Commission Commissioned by the Cincinnati Opera
Composition Date 2014
Librettist William M. Hoffman


Act 1: Prologue
Act 1, Scene 1: For This We Left Our Homeland
Act 1, Scene 2: I Didn’t Want To Be Late
Act 1, Scene 3: Morning Star
Act 1, Scene 4: Tick-Tock
Act 1, Scene 5: The Family Abides
Act 1, Scene 6: Interlude: The Men’s Dreams
Act 1, Scene 7: If I’m Not Allowed To Sing
Act 1, Scene 8: Weddings and Beddings
Act 1, Scene 9: Sadie Should Never Know
Act 1, Scene 10: Babies All Be Kosher
Act 1, Scene 11: Three Loving Sisters
Act 1, Scene 12: Becky's Response
Act 2, Scene 1: Prelude
Act 2, Scene 2a: Apples
Act 2, Scene 2
Act 2, Scene 3: Sadie’s Story
Act 2, Scene 4: Aaron's Response
Act 2, Scene 5: So Many Colors
Act 2, Scene 6: Was It Laura, Maggie, Mazie, Flo?
Act 2, Scene 7: I Wanna Stay Drunk
Act 2, Scene 7a: Fanny at the Piano
Act 2, Scene 8: Harry's Aria
Act 2, Scene 9: I Remember
Act 2, Scene 10: Time Is Passing
Act 2, Scene 11: Kaddish