Maia Bang Violin Method

Henry Rowley Bishop
Edvard Hagerup Grieg
Maia Bang
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
L. Pleyel

Arranged by Maia Bang
Text by Maia Bang
Edited by Leopold Auer
Instrumentation: Violin
Item Number: O2498
Number of Pages: 100
Publisher: Carl Fischer Music
Print Status: In Print


Maia Bang Violin Method

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Additional Information

Arranger Bang, Maia
Editor Auer, Leopold


Author's Preface
Autograph Letter from Prof.L.Auer
The Violin and Its Component Parts
The Bow and Its Component Parts
How to Hold the violin Correctly
How to Hold the Bow Correctly
HOw to draw the Bow Correctly
Illustrations of Correct Postures
The Simplst Rudiments of Music
"Staff, Bars, Measures and Time"
Notes-their Shape and Time-Value
The Four Strings of the Violin
The Tuning of the Four Strings
How to Attach the Strings Correctly
First Exercises for the Open Strings
First Exercises for the Combination of all Four Strings
Exercise for Gaining Firmer Control of the Bow
Position and Action of the Fingers of the Left Hand
Whole-steps and Half-steps
Additional Remarks Concerning Action of the Fingers
Additional Remarks Concerning Use of the Bow
First Use of the Fingers
First Finger on A and E Strings
First Finger on D and G Strings
Second Finger on A and E Strings
Second Finger on D and G Strings
Third Finger on A and E strings
Third Finger on D and G Strings
Fourth Finger on A and E Strings
Fourth Finger on D and G Strings
Preparatory Exercises for Crossing and Gradual Connection of the Four Strings
Additonal Exercises in Quarter Notes
Two-Four Time
Three-Four Time
Four-four Time
The Scale
The Minor Scale
Scale of C Major
Eight Notes
Dotted Notes
Legato Playing-The Slur
Exercises for Gaining Experience in Legato Playing During String Transfers
Varieties of Bowing
Correct Finger Action Across the Strings
Preparatory Exercises for Establishing the Exact Position of B and F
Six-Eight Time
Scale of A minor
Notes of Different Time-Value in One Bow
The Up-Beat
Scale of G Major
Exercises for Crossing the Strings
Detached Notes in One Bow
Skips Across One and Two Strings
Exercises for Change of Bow
Exercises Across Two Strings
Dynamic Signs
Duet (Pleyel)
Scale of E minor
Bowing Varieties
Scale of D Major
Tempo Marks
Rustic Dance
Exercises for Crossing the Strings
Minuet (Mozart)
Bowing Exercises
Scale of B Minor
Sixteenth Notes
Scale of A Major
Staccato Bowing
Combination of Legato and Staccato Bowing
Happy School Days (Spohr)
Scale of F# Minor
Dotted Eighths (legato)
Dotted Eighths (Staccato)
Scale of E Major
"Home, Sweet Home(Bishop)"
The March of Spain
Daily Finger Studies
Scale of C# Minor
Tenth and Last Etude
Dear Old Mother (Grieg)
"Home, Sweet Home"
Dear Old Mother