Method for Trombone

V. Cornette

Edited by Jerome N. Procter
Student Book
Instrumentation: Tenor
Item Number: CU34
Number of Pages: 123
Publisher: Carl Fischer Music
Print Status: In Print


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  • Method for Trombone
  • Method for Trombone

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Editor Procter, Jerome N.


Rudiments of Music
Scales and their formation
The turn or grupetto
The positions of the notes on the slide
Fingered scales for valve trombone
First exercises
Scales in major and minor keys
Exercises on the slur and daily practises
Chromatic studies
20 Lessons in duet form
31 Brilliant studies
6 Grand Studies
6 Concert duets
3 Easy solos
2 duets
The Alto and tenor clefs with excercises
Definition of musical terms
Studies on tonguing
The Glissando slide or smear
The lip trill
The laugh
Simulateous chords
The Whole tone scale
Extreme high and low notes
Thelma a modern solo