Concerto for Viola and Orchestra

Behzad Ranjbaran

Duration: 00:25:00
Publisher: Theodore Presser Company
Print Status: Rental

Quick Overview

If I had to describe the character of each instrument in the orchestra, I would consider the viola to be the voice of wisdom, moderation, and prudence. However I find there is much flair and brilliance hidden beneath the surface. In my viola concerto I aimed to explore these contrasts: beauty and sweetness; agitation and angst; brilliance and virtuosity.

In the first movement the main musical themes of the entire concerto are laid out as the solo viola traverses from a slow and contemplative beginning before gradually speeding up to end the movement with virtuosity and brilliance.

In the second movement themes from the first movement are transformed into contemplative, melancholic characters. The expressive voice of the viola navigates through a wide range of colors and characters until it utilizes its lowest string to close out the movement in somber fashion.

The third movement takes its cue from the first movement in presenting the earlier themes with much flair and brilliance. In this movement the extroverted character of the viola displays its ability and skills by challenging the orchestra in a series of virtuosic passages, bringing the concerto to an energetic finish.

Additional Information

Commission Commissioned by Santa Rosa Symphony, Resident Orchestra of the Green Music Center, Bruno Ferrandis, Music Director
Composition Date 2013
Orchestration Solo Vla.; 2(2nd dbl. Picc.) 2 2 2 - 4 3 3(B.Tbn.) 1; Timp. 3Perc. Cel. Hp. Str.
Premiere 22nd, 23rd, 24th March, 2014. Paul Silverthorne, Viola, Santa Rosa Symphony, conducted by Bruno Ferrandis; Weill Concert Hall, Green Music Center, Rohnert Park, CA.


I Adagio; Allegro
II Largo
III Allegro vivace

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