Chaconne in Bb

Jazz Reflection for Four Trios

Sydney Hodkinson

Publisher: Merion Music, Inc.
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Quick Overview

The chaconne is a baroque form of continuous variation in which the ?theme? is a scheme employing a reiterated harmonic structure. This ?reflexion? consists of a series of repeated jazz/pop harmonics formed into a 16-bar phrase; but this phrase is divided 4 . 4 . 5 . 3, instead of the traditional 4 ? or 8 ? measure segments. The general ambience of the work hopefully embodies my fond reminiscences of a time in my youth when I worked as a Jazz saxophone player.

The 3 segments ? played without interruption ? are presented in varying character, often with the chaconne?s chords ?frozen in time?: searching fragments in Part 1 (Riff); at more repose in Part 2 (Ballad); and gaining in weight and texture throughout Part 3 (Bop). (As someone once said about Picasso?s cubist portraiture: ?all the right bits are there, but put into the wrong places.?)

The four trios of the ensemble (string, wind brass, and percussion/piano) often follow their own soloistic paths, but they gradually coalesce into the completed statement. The whole piece is cyclically bound together akin to standard jazz improvisation: 27 choruses, in three equal sections, which are constantly ? repeated ?paragraphs? of the chordal structure.

The Chaconne in Bb is approximately 13 minutes in duration and was completed in March of 1998 in Fairport, New York. The score is dedicated to my Eastman School of Music conducting colleague Bradley Lubman, who led the premiere with the Eastman Musica Nova Ensemble in Rochester, New York, during the 1998-99 season.

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Additional Information

Composition Date 1998
Duration 00:14:00
Orchestration Trio I Flute/Piccolo, B(Clarinet/E(Clarinet, Bass Clarinet/Tenor Saxophone Trio II Horn, Trumpet, Trombone Trio III Perc.1 - Jazz Drum Set Perc. 2 – Vibes/Marimba, Piano Trio IV Violin, Cello, Double Bass
Premiere March 26th, 1999. Musica Nova, conducted by Bradley Lubman, Eastman School of Music, Rochester, NY.

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