Henry Brant

Publisher: Carl Fischer Music
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The three instrumental soloists (violin, oboe, and cello) might be the celebrated professors X, Y, and Z, each attended by his large and enthusiastic class of two students. The four singers could represent a high-level faculty committee meeting, in which correct protocol and procedure are strictly enforced by the trumpets and trombones. Glockenspiel and chimes divide the university day into appropriate time-sectors for fanatical study or strenuous relaxation.

From time to time, the pianists, timpani, and xylophone may perhaps indicate the dormant volcanoes of student political protest apt to explode unexpectedly at any moment.

(Personally, I don't believe that abstract music without text can express anything in particular).

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Additional Information

Commission Commissioned by: Columbia University for its Bicentennial in 1954
Composition Date 1954
Duration 00:12:00
Orchestration Solo soprano, alto, tenor, bass voices; solo violin, cello, oboe; fl.(2), cl.(2), bsn.(2); tpt.(2), tbn.(2); timp., perc.(3), pno.(4 hands)