Castle Creek

Fanfare*/Overture for Large Orchestra

Dan Welcher

Performing Ensemble: Orchestra
Publisher: Elkan-Vogel, Inc.
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Quick Overview

There is no ?secret program? or hidden meaning in this lively, five-minute work for full orchestra: it was intended as a celebration of the fortieth anniversary of the Aspen Music Festival, and as a special tribute to the Festival?s longtime President, Gordon Hardy. The title, ?Castle Creek,? refers to a tributary of the Roaring Fork River on which the Aspen Music Festival campus (as well as Mr. Hardy?s home) is built.

The work pays homage to Gordon Hardy by utilizing his initials (?G.A.H.?) as a musical motive: the three letters correspond to the pitches G, A, and B-natural. This three-note group forms the basis of the fanfare that opens the work, and also serves as an ostinato, a bass line, and a general means of organizing the work?s tonal centers. Because the three notes are in ascending order, the ever-upward direction of the Aspen Music Festival and the positive energy of Gordon Hardy are readily evident.

The athletic fanfare which begins the work (marked ?noble, but energetic?) is scored for brass and percussion alone, and can in fact be played as a separate piece. The rest of the orchestra joins at the conclusion of the fanfare, and a spirited tune in 9/8 issues from the strings. After this is given a thorough workout, a middle section in faster 3/4 time provides machine-like energy?perhaps it is the energy of the Festival, in high gear. At the height of this, the music of the fanfare returns in broad open notes in the brass, with the machine still pulsing in support. The overture ends in a burst of motion, with the three-note motive in its highest transposition.

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Scores & Parts

Castle Creek - Full Score - Large

Additional Information

Composition Date 1989
Duration 5:00
Orchestration 3(Picc.) 2 2 3(Cbsn.) - 4 3 3 0; Timp. 3Perc. Pno. Hp. Str. / *Fanfare may be performed separately (Brass and Percussion only)…1'30"
Premiere February 2, 1997. Aspen Music Festival, Aspen, CO