Adonai Malach (Psalm 93)

Shulamit Ran

Text: Biblical
Publisher: Theodore Presser Company
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Quick Overview

"Adonai Malach" (Psalm 93) was commissioned by Congregation Emanu-El B-ne Jeshurun in Milwaukee, as part of a 1985 conference of composers and cantors, where each composer was paired with a cantor and assigned a text from the Jewish liturgy. The challenge I set for myself was to make this short piece melodically appropriate for Cantor Abraham Lubin?s beautiful cantorial style, while, at the same time, at least hinting at a harmonic style more inclusive than that what is generally heard in a Shabbat Service setting. As I found out, there is a Jewish mode specifically associated with "Adonai Malach", and bearing its name, the intervallic properties which are quite intriguing: taking a major scale as a point of reference, this mode as a major third for third scale degree, but minor third and the tenth, a minor seventh at the seventh scale degree, but a half-step leading tone. The vocal and horn parts of my piece, complementing one another, loosely conform to this pitch arrangement through much of the piece. The woodwind trio ? piccolo, oboe and clarinet ? treated for the most part in block fashion, offer a counter-part of a considerably more dissonant, one might say pungent, style. Throughout I have attempted to preserve the exultant quality of the text. "Adonai Malach" is a small offering to my beloved father, to whom it is dedicated.

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Additional Information

Commission Congregation of Emanu-El B?ne Jeshurun, Milwaukee, WI, for the first Composers/Cantors Conference, November, 1985
Composition Date 1985
Duration 00:05:00
Orchestration Cantor; Hn. Picc. Ob. Cl.
Premiere November 5, 1985.