Corybas for Percussion Ensemble


Mallet Quintet and Percussion

John Psathas (composer), Omar Carmenates (arranger)


  • Vibraphone 1
  • Vibraphone 2
  • Marimba 1 (double glockenspiel)
  • Marimba 2
  • Marimba 3
  • Percussion


In Corybas, Psathas blends the complex rhythms of Eastern European dance music into a highly dynamic and playful work for piano trio. Corybas is the first of two companion works for piano trio that Psathas wrote with the Mediterranean in mind; the second being a calmer, more serene ‘postlude’ to this work, Aegean. The piano drives much of the forward movement in Corybas by holding a repeating odd-metered groove while the string parts fall in and out of this texture. The strings build momentum throughout by fusing together their melodic lines with the piano’s groove, offering short syncopated accents and uniting for dramatic and thrilling phrases. All of this makes for an exhilarating addition to piano trio repertoire.
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