Odyssey Opera Brings The Picture of Dorian Gray to Boston

Odyssey Opera and the Boston Modern Orchestra Project joined forces on November 18th to present a semi-staged production of Lowell Liebermann’s The Picture of Dorian Gray. Director Gil Rose, drawn to the composer’s “innate sense of theatricality,” was eager to bring the opera to Boston and it was well received.

Liebermann’s opera, an adaptation of Oscar Wilde’s 1890 novel, follows the title character’s unwillingness to reconcile the difference between appearance and reality — a subject that feels increasingly relevant in the midst of our modern, digital society. The music dramatically highlights Dorian’s slow corruption as Liebermann’s score parallels the character’s descent into darker realms of thinking. The result is an opera that unquestionably “brings Wilde to life.”
Duration: 120′
Cast: Principal Roles: Soprano, Tenor, Baritone, Bass; two secondary roles and three minor roles
Orchestration: 3 3 3 3 – 4 3 3 0; Timp. Perc. Hp. Str. On-stage Upright Piano, Off-stage Violin
Reduced Orchestration: 2(Picc.) 2 2(B.Cl.) 2 – 2 2 1 0; Timp. Perc. Hp. Kbd, Str.
Premiere: May 8, 1996. L’Opéra de Monte-Carlo, Orchestre Philharmonique de Monte-Carlo, conducted by Steuart Bedford, directed by John Cox

Preview of “The Picture of Dorian Gray” with Odyssey Opera and BMOP

Piano/Vocal Score
Full Score – Study