The Whipster

Earl Phillips (composer)
Functioning as either a powerful opener or closer for your show, “The Whipster” is a song that your students will enjoy playing over and over again.  It is an exciting funk piece that features baritone sax, bass guitar, and drums. “The Whipster” is the first release from composer/arranger/high school educator Earl Phillips. “The Whipster” was composed using a Phrygian scale, built on C, with a natural 6th.  The notes of the mode, in concert pitch, are as follows : C-Db-Eb-F-G-A-Bb-C.  On the improvised sections, the Bbmin(Maj7)/C chord is played as a vamp in the rhythm section while your soloist can freely use any of the notes in this specific scale to create their solo. 
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