Robert Martin

  • ROBERT MARTIN is a Grammy nominated composer. In New York, on January 11, 2015, the North/South Consonance presented a retrospective concert of his music spanning four decades, in recognition of his musical achievements and large body of highly original work. Subsequently, they recorded it in the legendary Avatar studios.

    Music critic Mike Strizic, in myentertainmentworld, writes “Martin shows an undeniable respect for tradition and a clear concision when it comes to compositional force. [He] appears to firmly grasp the summative nature of his work…for that I applaud him.” Ivan Koval writes in the Kiev Music Gazette, “Martin is an undiscovered treasure. He may be the only American composer who understands the musical aesthetics of Eastern Europe. Often his solid musical forms, with their feeling of inevitability, sound as if a modern Haydn or Mozart constructed them.”

    Robert Martin began composing at age 10. He earned his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Music Composition from the Peabody Conservatory of Music. Soon after, he was awarded the Charles Ives Scholarship for outstanding music composition from the American Academy of Arts and Letters and a Fulbright Scholarship, which allowed him to pursue post-graduate studies in New York and Vienna. From there he traveled throughout the Eastern Bloc of Europe, meeting many composers. He was the 1999 recipient of the Japan-U.S. Creative Artist Fellowship in music composition.

    Robert Martin’s music is often described as fresh and visionary, but at the same time it is approachable in a way that welcomes the newcomer. And it is always deeply indebted to the greatest traditions of the past. The Theodore Presser Company has published over 100 of his pieces. His music has been performed by many of the finest musicians in New York, and is recorded on the North/South Recordings, Furious Artisans, and CRI record labels.

  • Cover Title (Subtitle) Duration Instrumentation
    144-40309 Achernar
    For Solo E-Flat Alto Saxophone
    6:45 Alto Saxophone Unaccompanied
    144-40298 Aldebaran
    For Solo Tuba
    5:45 Tuba Unaccompanied
    144-40296 Antares
    For Solo Trumpet In C
    5:45 Trumpet Unaccompanied
    144-40294 Arcturus
    For Solo Bassoon
    6:15 Bassoon Unaccompanied
    144-40446 Cello In The Universe
    9:00 Cello Unaccompanied
    144-40281 Diary Of A Seducer
    Volume I: Guitar Solos
    40:00 Guitar Unaccompanied
    144-40428 Minutiae
    3:15 Piccolo with Piano
    144-40457 Only When The Clock Stops
    9:30 Percussion Unaccompanied
    144-40295 Regulus
    For Solo Horn In F
    6:15 Horn Unaccompanied
    144-40297 Shaula
    For Solo Trombone
    6:00 Trombone Unaccompanied
    144-40291 Sirius
    For Solo Flute
    7:15 Flute Unaccompanied
    144-40293 Spica
    For Solo Clarinet
    6:15 Clarinet Unaccompanied
    144-40292 Vega
    For Solo Oboe
    6:30 Oboe
    144-40456 Violet Air
    For Solo Flute
    7:00 Flute Unaccompanied
    Chamber Ensemble – Woodwinds
    144-40645 Flute Quartet For The Day Of Air
    4:15 4 C Flutes
    144-40648 Flute Quartet For The Day Of Fire
    5:15 4 C Flutes
    144-40647 Flute Quartet For The Day Of Gold
    4:15 4 C Flutes
    144-40646 Flute Quartet For The Day Of Love
    5:15 4 C Flutes
    144-40643 Flute Quartet For The Day Of The Moon
    4:30 4 C Flutes
    144-40642 Flute Quartet For The Day Of The Sun
    5:45 4 C Flutes
    144-40644 Flute Quartet For The Day Of Water
    5:15 4 C Flutes
    144-40635 Flute Trio For The Month Of Beauty
    4:45 Flute Trio
    144-40630 Flute Trio For The Month Of Beginnings
    5:15 Flute Trio
    144-40640 Flute Trio For The Month Of Celebrations
    4:45 Flute Trio
    144-40639 Flute Trio For The Month Of Feasting
    5:00 Flute Trio
    144-40633 Flute Trio For The Month Of Flowers
    5:15 Flute Trio
    144-40634 Flute Trio For The Month Of Gathering
    4:45 Flute Trio
    144-40636 Flute Trio For The Month Of Harvest
    4:30 Flute Trio
    144-40631 Flute Trio For The Month Of Planting
    4:30 Flute Trio
    144-40637 Flute Trio For The Month Of Purification
    5:15 Flute Trio
    144-40638 Flute Trio For The Month Of Reflection
    5:30 Flute Trio
    144-40641 Flute Trio For The Month Of Renewal
    5:15 Flute Trio
    144-40632 Flute Trio For The Month Of Tranquility
    4:15 Flute Trio
    144-40342 From The Green Mountains
    4:00 Woodwind Duet
    144-40431 Garden Of Flutes
    Book I
    6:30 Flute Ensemble
    144-40432 Garden Of Flutes
    Book II
    9:30 Flute Ensemble
    144-40338 Summer Quiescence
    For Flute and B-Flat Clarinet
    4:00 Woodwind Duet
    144-40337 Through The Mist
    For English Horn and Bb Clarinet
    4:15 Woodwind Duet
    Chamber Ensemble – Brass
    144-40447 Four New York Pieces
    For Two Trumpets
    8:00 Trumpet Duet
    144-40670 Mercia Brass Quintet No. 1
    The Tournament
    5:15 Brass Quintet
    144-40671 Mercia Brass Quintet No. 2
    Royal Wedding
    4:15 Brass Quintet
    144-40672 Mercia Brass Quintet No. 3
    The King’s Messenger
    5:15 Brass Quintet
    144-40673 Mercia Brass Quintet No. 4
    Midsummer Pageant
    5:15 Brass Quintet
    144-40674 Mercia Brass Quintet No. 5
    Acrobats At The Fair
    4:45 Brass Quintet
    144-40675 Mercia Brass Quintet No. 6
    5:30 Brass Quintet
    144-40676 Mercia Brass Quintet No. 7
    Arrival Of The King
    5:30 Brass Quintet
    144-40677 Mercia Brass Quintet No. 8
    The Fortress
    5:45 Brass Quintet
    144-40678 Mercia Brass Quintet No. 9
    The Fallen Hero
    5:15 Brass Quintet
    144-40679 Mercia Brass Quintet No. 10
    The Journey Home
    5:15 Brass Quintet
    144-40680 Mercia Brass Quintet No. 11
    Winter Festival
    4:45 Brass Quintet
    144-40681 Mercia Brass Quintet No. 12
    The New Year
    4:45 Brass Quintet
    Chamber Ensemble – Strings
    144-40345 Along The River
    For Violin and Viola
    5:00 String Duet
    144-40282 Diary Of A Seducer
    Volume II: Guitar Duos
    Guitar Duet
    144-40283 Diary Of A Seducer
    Volume III: Guitar Trios
    Guitar Trio
    144-40458 String Trio
    String Trio
    Chamber Ensemble – Mixed
    144-40346 Across The Open Land
    For Flute and Violin
    4:15 Mixed Duet
    144-40343 Autumn Light
    For Bb Clarinet and Viola
    4:00 Chamber Ensemble
    144-40406 Charred Beloved
    For Mixed Quintet
    9:00 Small Mixed Ensemble (2-9 Instruments)
    144-40445 Chrysolith
    9:00 Mixed Trio
    141-40068 Emerson Songs
    12:00 Voice and Instrument
    144-40341 In The Shade
    For English Horn and Viola
    4:15 Chamber Ensemble
    144-40439 Japanese Gardens
    For Alto Flute and Guitar
    5:15 Mixed Duet
    144-40340 Lakeside
    4:00 Mixed Duet
    144-40472 Musical Amulets
    12:00 Mixed Trio
    144-40339 Rock Ledge
    For Oboe and Violin
    4:30 Chamber Ensemble
    17450 They Will Take My Island
    for 10 Players
    12:00 Fl. Ob. Cl. Hn. Bsn. 2Vln, Vla. Vcl. Cb.
    144-40471 Water Of The Flowery Mill
    19:00 Small Mixed Ensemble (2-9 Instruments)
    144-40590 Wind Quintet No. 1
    Left Behind
    13:45 Woodwind Quintet
    144-40591 Wind Quintet No. 2
    9:30 Woodwind Quintet
    144-40592 Wind Quintet No. 3
    11:30 Woodwind Quintet
    144-40593 Wind Quintet No. 4
    From The Desert
    1045 Woodwind Quintet
    144-40594 Wind Quintet No. 5
    Anza Borrego
    12:30 Woodwind Quintet
    144-40595 Wind Quintet No. 6
    Postcards From Kyoto
    9:30 Woodwind Quintet
    144-40596 Wind Quintet No. 7
    2 Chords And A Melody
    16:30 Woodwind Quintet
    144-40597 Wind Quintet No. 8
    Weeping Breezes
    13:30 Woodwind Quintet
    144-40598 Wind Quintet No. 9
    15:00 Woodwind Quintet
    144-40599 Wind Quintet No. 10
    Three Sonatas
    16:30 Woodwind Quintet
    144-40405 Winter Shadows
    8:45 Mixed Trio
    144-40564 Woodwind Quartet No. 1
    Sonata, Aria, and Fugue
    10:00 Woodwind Quartet
    144-40565 Woodwind Quartet No. 2
    Baroque Suite
    11:30 Woodwind Quartet
    144-40566 Woodwind Quartet No. 3
    11:30 Woodwind Quartet
    144-40567 Woodwind Quartet No. 4
    Three Images
    12:45 Woodwind Quartet
    144-40568 Woodwind Quartet No. 5
    Northern Lights
    11:15 Woodwind Quartet
    144-40569 Woodwind Quartet No. 6
    From Japan
    12:00 Woodwind Quartet
    144-40570 Woodwind Quartet No. 7
    Those Times
    9:15 Woodwind Quartet
    144-40571 Woodwind Quartet No. 8
    Three Sonatas
    16:00 Woodwind Quartet
    Orchestra w/ Soloist(s)
    21669 One Year the Milkweed
    for Flute (Alto Flute) and Strings
    16:00 Solo Fl.(dbl. A.Fl.); Str.orch.(div.)

    “Antares” is simply an extraordinary piece of music. Martin masterfully uses repeated motivic patterns to bind the piece into true musical poetry. While the piece lacks a tonal center, the sensible structure creates a wonderful sense of balance and symmetry. Though challenging, the work is accessible to the advanced undergraduate student.
    –Bryan W. DePoy, nternational Trumpet Guild Journal

    Belonging to a series of duets for various instruments, these works are free and imaginative in rhythm, harmony, and thematic design.
    –Flute Talk

    The multi-voicing possibilities of the bassoon were presented, sometimes in an apparent manner, sometimes hidden, but always subtly manipulated… Beautifully articulated details form a vignette, surrounded and supported by the carefully chosen tones of this composition – it’s a very strong work.
    –Igor Garsnek, Sirp (“The Sickle”)

    …the pieces are admirably guitar friendly, offering plenty of room for rich, sonorous interpretation… The performance notes suggest the volume need not always be performed in its entirety. A practical suggestion… though I feel a complete rendition would be far more successful, the quiet thoughtfulness of many of the pieces surely being lessened in isolation.
    –Classical Guitar Magazine

    …a series of short pieces, diverse in character and mood, after the initial solo pieces, the duos sounded quite full, after which the trios seemed like a large ensemble… The pieces are quite fascinating.
    –Leo Kraft, The Music Connoisseur

    …an especially fascinating moment…
    –Kremser Zeitung (Austria)

    The title of the work is taken from that of a painting by Arshile Gorky, but Martin’s interest was apparently not so much in the subject matter of that particular picture as in the general notion of what gives an abstract image wholeness and presence. How can the [guitarist’s] speaking hand be felt to have said something meaningful, to have said it completely, and to have said nothing redundant along the way? Here are thirty-six answers to that question.
    –Paul Griffiths, New York Times

    And Robert Martin’s “Emerson Songs” – delicate, to my ears somewhat Asian-influenced – were the favorite of many in the audience.
    –Bruce Hodges, Seen and Heard

    The [“Nine Stellar Pieces”] are not overt showpieces, but the massive challenge to the technical skill of the performer cannot go unnoticed by the listener… Nowhere do I detect any particular influences at work, the score coming from a personal musical voice that has an instinctive relationship with each of the instruments used.
    –David Denton, Fanfare

    Their vigorously modernist style places them in a contemporary world of quantification, precision, and disinclination to accept received ideas without acute analysis. But their sound-poetry also pursues the stars’ ancient associations, besides taking account of their appearance-the luster that has stayed the same through the millennia, all nine subjects being among the brightest in the sky… The pieces are virtuoso items, ‘stellar’ for sure…
    –Paul Griffiths, New York Times

    …an extraordinary composition …it keeps catapulting you forward in a great monograph of energy of our time.
    –Linda Wetherill (flutist) , Linda Wetherill (flutist), The Flutist Quarterly

    Belonging to a series of duets for various instruments, these works are free and imaginative in rhythm, harmony, and thematic design.
    –Flute Talk

    “Vega”…is the first star of Lyra, the lyre of Orpheus and Apollo, inventors of music. Early civilizations…saw this constellation as an eagle or vulture, and the piece seems to accept both connotations. Most of it is eloquent melody, and most of it is in flight.
    –Paul Griffiths, New York Times

  • The Gorky Pieces THE GORKY PIECES
    North/South Consonance (N/S R 1063); November 11, 2016
    Performer(s): North/South Chamber Orchestra, Max Lifchitz, conductor; Lisa Hansen, flute; Jordan Dodson, guitar;
    Work(s): Charred Beloved
    One Year the Milkweed
    Water of the Flowery Mill
    Robert Martin: 9 Stellar Pieces ROBERT MARTIN: 9 STELLAR PIECES
    Furious Artisans (FACD 6803); September 1, 2001
    Performer(s): Michiyo Suzuki, clarinet; William Purvis, horn; Martin Kuuskmann, bassoon; Raymond Mase, trumpet; Linda Wetherill, flute; Paul Cohen, saxophone; Steven Forman, tuba; Robert Ingliss, oboe; Michael Powe…
    Work(s): Nine Stellar Pieces: Achernar
    Nine Stellar Pieces: Aldebaran
    Nine Stellar Pieces: Antares
    Nine Stellar Pieces: Arcturus
    Nine Stellar Pieces: Regulus
    Nine Stellar Pieces: Shaula
    Nine Stellar Pieces: Sirius
    Nine Stellar Pieces: Spica
    Nine Stellar Pieces: Vega
    Diary of a Seducer DIARY OF A SEDUCER
    CRI/New World Records (CRI 838); February 22, 2000
    Performer(s): William Anderson (Vols. 1-3), Oren Fader (Vols. 2-3), Mark Delpriora (Vol. 3), guitars
    Work(s): Diary of A Seducer, Vol. 1
    Diary of A Seducer, Vol. 2
    Diary of A Seducer, Vol. 3

  • 2002: Composers Guild of New Jersey Commission, annual commissioning endowment fund
    2001: Christopher Finckel, cellist, commission for solo cello
    2001: Global Seminar (1 week) for Flute Music, Composer in Residence, Wagner College, Staten Island, NY
    1999: Japan-U.S. Creative Artist Fellowship (6 months), Music Composition, travel throughout Japan
    1998: Dorland Mountain Arts Colony, Composer in Residence (1 month), CA
    1998: Knight Foundation Award, Theatre Chamber Players, Washington, DC
    1997: Summer Music Festival, Composer in Residence (1 month), Sarah Lawrence College, NY
    1996-1997: Cygnus Ensemble, Composer in Residence, Manhattan, NY
    1996: Dorland Mountain Arts Colony, Composer in Residence (2 months), CA
    1996: Tolly National Composition Contest, finalist
    1988-present: Kentucky Colonel, appointed by Governor
    1979-1980: Fulbright Scholarship, Hochschule für Musik, Music Composition, Vienna, Austria
    1978-2001: Meet the Composer, New York State Council for the Arts
    1978: Aspen Summer Music School, Scholarship (9 weeks)
    1978: UNESCO, University of Toronto, Workshop in Computer Music (1 week)
    1976: Yale Summer Music School, Stoeckel Fellowship
    1976: American Academy of Arts and Letters, Charles Ives Scholarship
    1974: Composers
    1973-1974: Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Composition Contest Winner, Peabody Chapter
    1972: National Endowment for the Humanities, Dartmouth College, Electronic Music (4 weeks)
    1972: National Endowment for the Humanities, University of New Hampshire, Computer Music (4 weeks)
    1972: Sykes Composition Contest Winner, first prize
    1970-1975: Peabody Conservatory, annual scholarships and various awards

  • They Will Take My Island
    for Ten Players