Eric Ewazen

  • Born in Cleveland, Ohio, and receiving his Bachelor’s of Music Degree from Eastman, and Master’s and Doctorate Degrees from The Juilliard School, ERIC EWAZEN has written many chamber works for brass, winds, percussion and increasingly strings, piano, and voice that have become standards of the repertoire. His music in all genres, including orchestra, wind ensemble and chorus, has been performed around the world with great acclaim. Distinguished soloists and chamber ensembles performing his music include players as diverse as percussionist Evelyn Glennie, the American Brass Quintet, and the Ahn Trio; trombonists Charles Vernon, Joseph Alessi, Ronald Barron, Christian Lindberg, Nitzan Haroz, David Taylor and James Lebens; clarinetists Franklin Cohen and Larry Combs; flutists Elizabeth Rowe, Mindy Kaufman, Julius Baker and Jan Gippo; trumpet players Chris Gekker, David Bilger and Philip Smith; among many others from major symphonies around the world, including the Vienna Philharmonic, the Berlin Symphony, the Concertgebouw, the Paris Opera Orchestra, the London Philharmonic, and noted players from major symphonies and orchestras in every state of the U.S.

    Recent orchestral performances of Ewazen’s music include major symphonies such as the Buffalo Philharmonic, the Cleveland Orchestra, the National Repertory Orchestra in Colorado, the Alabama Symphony, the Anchorage Symphony, the Boise Philharmonic, the West Virginia Symphony, the Calgary (CA) Symphony, the Royal Scottish National Orchestra, the Orchestre National de Lille in France, the Birmingham (U.K.)Philharmonic, the Orquesta Sinfónica de Valladolid and the Orquesta Sinfónica de Tenerife in Spain, the Prague Chamber Orchestra, the Thailand Philharmonic, and the Moment Musicale Orchestra of Taiwan. His music for wind ensemble has been performed by all the major service bands in the U.S., including the USMA Band (which premiered his work commissioned for the 200th anniversary of West Point in Carnegie Hall), the U.S. Army Band, Marine Band, Navy Band, Army Field Band and U.S. Coast Guard Bands.

    He has been a guest composer at conservatories, colleges and universities, doing residencies (so far) in 47 of the 50 U.S. States, and overseas at conservatories such as McGill and Laval Universities in Canada, the Birmingham (U.K.) Conservatory, the Paris Conservatoire, the Zagreb Conservatory, the Matera (Italy) Conservatorio, the Conservatories in Tenerife and Salamanca, Spain, the Lisbon Conservatory in Portugal, Saratov Conservatory in Russia, the Showa and Senzoku Gakuen Conservatories in Japan, Mahidol University in Bangkok, the Sydney, Brisbane, Hobart, and Australian National University in Australia, Rio de Janeiro, Joao Pessoa and Recife Conservatories in Brazil, and at festivals such as the Festival of Wind Instruments in Jeju (Korea), WASBE (Singapore), Jonkoping Brass Festival (Sweden), and the Southeast Asian Brass Festival in Bangkok and all major Summer music Festivals in the U.S., including Tanglewood, Aspen and the Music Academy of the West.

    His music can be heard on over 60 commercially released CDs, and over 400 Youtube clips.

    He received his Bachelors of Music Degree from the Eastman School of Music and Masters and Doctorate Degrees from The Juilliard School, where he has been a member of the faculty since 1980. His teachers have included Samuel Adler, Milton Babbitt, Warren Benson, Eugene Kurtz, Gunther Schuller and Joseph Schwantner. He was Composer-in-Residence with the St. Luke’s Chamber Ensemble, and Vice-President of the League of Composers – International Society of Contemporary Music.

    For the 2011-12 season, he has been commissioned to write a Concerto Grosso for Three Trombones and Orchestra for the Buffalo Philharmonic and the Virginia Symphonies, with JoAnn Falletta. The Virginia Symphony will also be performing his “Hymn for the Lost and the Living”, an In Memoriam to 9/11, orchestrated by Otto Werner Mueller, on the 10th anniversary of 9/11. Three solo CDs of his music will be released in 2011, all on Albany Records: one devoted to his chamber music for flute, performed by Marya Martin with the Bridgehampton Chamber Musicians; another to his trumpet music, featuring Chris Gekker, Nathaniel, and James Lebgens; and a third devoted to his music for wind ensemble, featuring the University of Memphis Wind Ensemble.

  • Cover Title (Subtitle) Duration Instrumentation
    110-41795 Smoky Mountain Celebration
    From “Southern Landscapes”
    6:30 2 Pianos
    110-41817 Sonata for Harpsichord
    18:00 Harpsichord
    110-41791 Three Inventions
    For Piano
    8:00 Piano Unaccompanied
    114-41663 A Night In New Orleans
    Sonatine for Solo Flute
    12:00 Flute
    114-41740 Larkspur And Rubies
    For Solo Marimba
    1:30 Solo Marimba
    Chamber Ensemble (Woodwinds)
    114-41777 A Song From The Heart
    For Alto Saxophone and Piano
    7:00 Alto Saxophone, Piano
    114-41776 A Song From The Heart
    For Bb Clarinet and Piano
    7:00 Bb Clarinet, Piano
    114-41832 A Song From the Heart
    for Oboe and Piano
    7:00 Oboe, Piano
    114-41458 Classical Concerto
    For Saxophone and Orchestra
    23:00 Tenor Saxophone, Piano
    114-41548 Cumberland Suite
    Woodwind Quintet No. 2
    18:00 Woodwind Quintet
    114-41462 Divinities At Dawn
    from Celestial Dancers
    9:00 Flute, Piano
    114-41785 Eternal Spring
    (Hudson River Idyll)
    10:00 2 Flutes, Piano
    114-41441 Fantasia
    For Alto Saxophone
    11:00 Alto Saxophone with Piano
    114-41472 Harmony In Blue and Gold
    21:00 Flute Quartet
    114-41553 Hold Fast Your Dreams
    Concerto No. 2 for Oboe
    Oboe with Piano
    114-41451 Palisades Suite (A Trio for Our Time)
    22:00 Woodwind Trio
    114-41478 Rhapsody for Saxophone Quartet
    9:00 Saxophone Quartet
    114-41442 Sonata No. 1
    For Flute and Piano
    20:00 Flute with Piano
    114-41564 Sonata No. 2
    For Flute and Piano
    21:00 Flute with Piano
    114-41554 Two Festive Fanfares
    for Clarinet Choir
    Clarinet Ensemble
    114-41650 Two Festive Fanfares
    For Double Reed Choir
    Chamber Ensemble
    114-41496 Wildflowers
    A Trio for Piccolo (Or Flute), Clarinet, and Piano
    22:00 Woodwind Trio with Piano
    Chamber Ensemble (Brass)
    114-41450 A Duet for Our Time
    22:00 Trombone Ensemble
    114-41542 A Duet for Our Time
    22:00 Brass Duet
    114-41449 A Festival Of Trumpets
    For The National Trumpet Conference
    4:30 Trumpet Octet
    114-41778 A Song From The Heart
    For Horn and Piano
    7:00 F Horn, Piano
    114-41439 A Song From The Heart
    For Trumpet and Piano
    7:00 Trumpet with Piano
    114-41452 Aftershock
    A Response To 9/11
    114-41728 Autumn Rondo
    For Horn And Piano
    2:40 Horn with Piano
    114-41453 Bachauer Fanfare
    For Brass Quintet
    5:00 Brass Quintet
    114-41525 Balkanika
    Four Scenes From The Balkans for Brass Quintet
    18:00 Brass Quintet
    114-41551 Barcarolle and Caprice
    A Chamber Concerto for Trombone and Brass Quintet
    12:00 Brass Quintet
    114-41454 Basso Cantante
    For 6 Euphoniums and 6 Tubas
    8:00 Brass Ensemble
    114-41455 Bridge Of Dreams
    For 8 Horns
    20:00 Horn Octet
    114-41457 Canto Di Lutto, Danza Della Vita
    In Memoriam Per Le Vittime Del Terremoto L’Aquila
    11:00 Trombone Quartet
    114-41501 Concerto
    For Horn and String Orchestra
    20:00 Horn with Piano
    114-41463 Double Concerto
    For Trumpet, Trombone, and Orchestra
    21:00 Brass Duet with Piano
    114-41465 Elegy
    For 8-Part Trumpet Choir
    5:15 Trumpet Octet
    114-41531 Emerald Rhapsody
    For Three C Trumpets and Piano
    10:00 Trumpet Trio with Piano
    114-41466 Emerald Rhapsody
    For Three Trombones and Piano
    10:00 Trombone Trio
    114-41467 Encomium
    10:00 Trombone Ensemble
    114-41444 Eternal Spring
    (A Hudson River Idyll)
    10:00 Trumpet, Piano
    114-41502 Fanfare for A Great Teacher
    For 8-Part Trumpet Choir
    2:30 Trumpet Octet
    114-41469 Fanfarria Castellana
    for 11 Brass
    12:00 Brass Ensemble
    114-41470 Front Range Fanfare
    for 11 Brass and 2 Percussion
    8:00 Brass Ensemble
    114-41471 Gold Coast Harmony
    for 2 Horns and Piano
    5:00 Horn Duet with Piano
    114-41473 High Desert Octet
    For 8 Horns In F
    16:00 Horn Octet
    114-41642 In Memoriam
    For Trumpet Sextet
    5:00 Trumpet Quartet
    114-41474 Midlands Melody
    For Bass Trombone and Piano
    5:00 Bass Trombone with Piano
    114-41476 Palmetto Suite
    For Alto Trombone and Piano
    20:00 Alto Trombone with Piano
    114-41480 Scènes de Flandres
    20:00 Trombone Quartet
    114-41644 Songs of Love and Loss
    For Bass Trombone And Piano
    Bass Trombone, Piano
    114-41539 Songs Of The Sun
    (Canções do Sol) Concerto No. 3 for Trombone and Orchestra
    18:00 Trombone with Piano
    114-41489 Three Lyrics Of Edna St. Vincent Millay
    For Trumpet And Piano
    Trumpet with Piano
    114-41493 Trio for Trombone, Tuba, and Piano
    18:00 Brass Trio
    114-41565 Triple Concerto
    For 3 Trombones and Orchestra
    24:00 Brass Trio
    114-41494 Trois Peintures
    Piccolo Trumpet (or Soprano Saxophone) and Piano
    114-41495 Variations and Fugue on a Theme of Brahms
    for Trumpet (or Flugelhorn) and Piano
    12:00 Trumpet with Piano
    114-41497 Woodland Quartet
    For 4 Horns
    16:00 Horn Quartet
    Chamber Ensemble (Strings)
    114-41498 Concerto
    for Violin and String Orchestra
    23:00 Violin with Piano
    114-41547 Midlands Melody
    For Cello and Piano
    5:00 Cello with Piano
    114-41550 Winter Rondo
    For Cello and Piano
    Cello, Piano
    Chamber Ensemble (Percussion)
    114-41481 Soliloquy and Rondo
    From The Eternal Dance Of Life
    12:00 Percussion Ensemble
    114-41488 Symphony for Percussion
    18:00 Percussion Ensemble
    Chamber Ensemble (Voice)
    111-40237 A Summer’s Journey
    For Voice, Trombone, and Piano
    22:00 Voice with Instrument
    111-40271 Hosanna to Life
    4:00 Voice, Piano
    111-40263 Songs of Love and Loss
    For Bass Voice and Piano
    Piano, Bass
    111-40248 Three Lyrics Of Edna St. Vincent Millay
    For High Voice And Piano
    Voice with Piano
    Chamber Ensemble (Mixed)
    114-41456 Bridgehampton Suite
    13:30 Flute and String Ensemble
    23412 Eternal Spring (A Hudson River Idyll)
    for Trumpet and Ensemble
    10:00 Solo Tpt.; Fl., Ob., Cl., Hn., Bsn.; Pno., 2Vln., Vla., Vcl. Cb.
    17464 Island Chants and Dances
    8:00 Woodwind Quintet, Brass Quintet and String Quartet
    114-41503 Mandala
    A Quintet for Flute, Clarinet, Trumpet, Violin, and Cello
    24:00 Chamber Ensemble
    114-41603 Rattlin’ Roarin’ Willie
    From “Songs To The Banks Of Ayr”
    6:00 Piano Trio
    114-41799 Reverie
    For Wind Quintet
    5:30 Woodwind Quintet
    114-41556 The Art Of The City
    25:00 Chamber Ensemble
    114-41487 The Diamond World
    For Violin, Cello, Piano, and Optional Drum Set
    8:00 Piano Trio
    114-41613 Three Lyrics Of Edna St. Vincent Millay
    For Trumpet And Marimba
    114-41491 Trio
    for Trumpet, Violoncello, and Piano
    114-41643 Trio
    For Violin, Cello, And Piano
    21:00 Piano Trio
    114-41490 Trio for Clarinet, Viola, and Piano
    22:00 Piano Trio
    114-41492 Trio for Horn, Violin, and Piano
    21:00 Piano Trio
    17462 Chamber Symphony
    22:00 2 2 2 2 – 2 0 0 0; Timp. 2Perc. Pno. Str.
    23544 Island Songs and Landscapes
    for Chorus and Orchestra
    SATB Ch.; 1 1 1 1 – 2 0 1(B.Tbn.) 0; Perc. Pno. Str.
    21666 Monument to Color and Light
    for Orchestra
    8:00 3(Picc.) 2 2 2 – 4 2 3(B.Tbn.) 1; Vibr. Mar. Perc. Hp. Str.
    Orchestra with Soloist(s)
    21664 A Poem of Hope
    for Violoncello and String Orchestra
    Solo Vcl.; Str. Orch.
    17521 Classical Concerto
    for Saxophone and Orchestra
    23:00 Solo Ten.Sax.; 2 2 2 2 – 4 2 2 1; Timp. 2Perc. Str.
    17463 Concerto for Horn and String Orchestra
    20:00 Solo Hn; Str.
    17519 Concerto for Oboe and Wind Ensemble
    3(Picc.) 2 3(B.Cl.) 2, 2A.Sax., Ten.Sax., Bar.Sax. – 2 2 3(B.Tbn.) 1, Euph; 2Perc. Vibr. Marim.
    17518 Concerto for Violin and Strings
    23:00 Solo Vln.; Str.
    23524 Double Concerto
    for Violin, Cello and Orchestra
    22:00 Vln. Vcl. Soli; 3(Picc.) 2 2 2 – 4 2 3(B.Tbn.) 1; Timp. 3Perc. Str.
    21725 Emerald Rhapsody
    for Trombone Trio and Orchestra
    3Tbn. Soli; 3(Picc.) 2 2 2 – 4 3 3(B.Tbn.) 1; Timp. 2Perc. Str.
    21763 Fantasia for Alto Saxophone and Wind Ensemble
    11:00 Solo AltoSax.; Picc., 2Fl., 2Ob., 3Cl., B.Cl., Contralto Cl., 2Bsn., 2A.Sax., 1Ten., 1Bar.Sax., – 4Tpt., 4Hn., 2Tbn., B.Tbn., 2Euph., 2Tu., Cb.; Timp. 2Perc. Vib. Mar.
    23549 Fantasia for Taiko and Orchestra
    7:20 6Taiko; 3(Picc.) 2 2 2 – 4 2 3(B.Tbn.) 1; Timp. 1Perc. Vib. Mar. Glock. Str.
    21782 Heartland Symphony
    for Orchestra
    15:00 3(Picc.) 2 2 2 – 4 3 3(B.Tbn.) 1; Timp. 2Perc. Mar. Vib. Str.
    21707 Songs of the Sun (Can
    Concerto No. 3 for Trombone and Orchestra
    18:00 Solo Tbn.; 2 2 2 2 – 2 2 2 1; Timp. 2Perc. Str.
    21715 Symphony for Percussion
    18:00 10Perc.
    21716 Triple Concerto
    for 3 Trombones and Orchestra
    24:00 3 Tbn. Soli; 3(Picc.) 2 2 2 – 4 2 0 1; Timp. 2Perc. Vib. Mar. Str.
    Band / Wind Ensemble
    115-40215 Allegro Brillante From ‘Triple Concerto’
    For Band
    8:45 Concert Band
    115-40223 Artisans (3. From Celestial Dancers)
    For Band
    7:00 Concert Band
    115-40221 Faces (1. From Celestial Dancers)
    For Band
    7:00 Concert Band
    115-40209 Gopak
    (1. From Symphonic Dances)
    Concert Band
    115-40210 Grand Mesa
    for Band
    7:00 Concert Band
    21672 Hold Fast Your Dreams
    (Concerto No. 2 for Oboe and Wind Ensemble)
    24:00 Solo Ob.; 3(Picc.) 2 3(B.Cl.) 2, 1A.Sax., 1T.Sax., 1Bar.Sax. – 2 2 3(B.Tbn.) 1, Euph.; Timp. 4Perc.
    115-40212 Spring Serenade
    For Band
    7:00 Concert Band
    21668 Symphonic Dances
    for Band
    115-40222 Trees (2. From Celestial Dancers)
    For Band
    6:00 Concert Band
    115-40224 Visions (4. From Celestial Dancers)
    For Band
    4:00 Concert Band

  • This is the kind of music that inspires people to become musicians. …conspicuous value…communicative, well-wrought structures… That Ewazen is so often effective in writing appealing sounds without descending into banality is testimony to his command of harmony, counterpoint, rhythm, texture, and pacing – and the fine judgment that shapes it all. … Ewazen has a keen sense of sound and absolute mastery of craft. He has long been writing some of the best music of our time. … Ewazen always communicates, and what he has to say here is well worth listening to again and again.
    –Gorman, American Record Guide

    …proved the perfect opener [and] was instantly likeable. It’s bright, fanfare-like opening was akin to the curtain opening going up on a cinematic, wide-screen spectacle. Indeed, there were elements of a Hollywood western epic in its expansive feel and sweep of energy. A calmer mood prevailed in the second movement, yet even here the momentum never let up, with a return of the victorious fanfare theme at the end. The Good Guys won again.
    –Steve Siegel, The Morning Call

  • Perspectives PERSPECTIVES
    Summit Records (692); January 1, 2017
    Performer(s): American Brass Quintet
    Work(s): Canticum Honoris Amicorum
    Inspired by Brahms INSPIRED BY BRAHMS
    Albany Records (TROY1616); February 1, 2016
    Performer(s): Michael Thornton, horn; Yumi Hwang-Williams, violin; Andrew Litton, piano
    Work(s): Trio for Horn, Violin, and Piano
    Marya Martin Plays Eric Ewazen MARYA MARTIN PLAYS ERIC EWAZEN
    Albany Records (TROY1271); May 1, 2011
    Performer(s): Marya Martin, flute, Jeewon Park, piano
    Work(s): Bridgehampton Suite
    Sonata No. 1
    New American Masters, Vol. 3 NEW AMERICAN MASTERS, VOL. 3
    Albany Records (TROY1195); July 1, 2010
    Performer(s): Palisades Virtuosi
    Work(s): Palisades Suite
    Escape Velocity ESCAPE VELOCITY
    Albany Records (TROY1159); December 1, 2009
    Performer(s): TCU Percussion Ensemble, Brian A. West, conductor
    Work(s): Symphony for Percussion
    Clarion CLARION
    Albany Records (TROY962); October 1, 2007
    Performer(s): Chris Gekker, trumpet, David Salness, violin, Rita Sloan, piano
    Work(s): Trio for Horn, Violin, and Piano
    Sejong Plays Ewazen SEJONG PLAYS EWAZEN
    Albany Records (TROY577); July 1, 2006
    Performer(s): International Sejong Soloists, Adele Anthony, violin
    Work(s): Concerto for Violin and Strings
    Winter WINTER
    Albany Records (TROY670); June 29, 2004
    Performer(s): Chris Gekker, trumpet, Ted Guerrant, piano
    Work(s): Aftershock
    Three Lyrics of Edna St. Vincent Millay
    Orchestral Music & Concertos ORCHESTRAL MUSIC & CONCERTOS
    Albany Records (TROY477); February 26, 2002
    Performer(s): Czech Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra, Paul Polivnick, conductor, James Houlik, tenor saxophone
    Work(s): Chamber Symphony
    Classical Concerto for Saxophone and Orchestra

  • Composer-in-Residence with the St. Luke’s Chamber Ensemble
    Vice-President of the League of Composers – International Society of Contemporary Music

  • Concerto for Horn and String Orchestra
    Concerto for Violin and Strings
    Double Concerto
    for Trumpet, Trombone and Orchestra
    Grand Mesa
    for Band
    Hold Fast Your Dreams
    Concerto No. 2 for Oboe and Wind Ensemble
    Songs of the Sun (Canções do Sol)
    Concerto No. 3 for Trombone and Orchestra
    Southern Landscapes
    for Band
    Spring Serenade
    for Band
    Triple Concerto
    for Three Trombones and Orchestra