Donald Erb

  • Described by Nicolas Slonimsky in the Baker’s Biographical Dictionary of Musicians as a “significant American composer,” Donald Erb was born in Youngstown, Ohio in 1927. His orchestral music has been played by literally every major orchestra in the United States and by many eminent ensembles in Europe and Australia. He has received major commissions from the Chicago Symphony, the Cleveland Orchestra, the St. Louis Symphony, the Baltimore Symphony, the Dallas Symphony and the Houston Symphony among many others. His composition The Seventh Trumpet has been performed more than two hundred times by over fifty orchestras in the United States and abroad, and was chosen as the United States representative to UNESCO in 1970. Among his orchestral works are ten concertos, which have been premiered by such artists as Lynn Harrell, Richard Stoltzman, Stuart Dempster and the brass section of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra.

    Mr. Erb’s early interest in electronic music led to the completion of Reconnaisance, one of the first chamber works for live synthesizer and acoustic instruments. Written in 1965, Reconnaisance was premiered on Music in Our Time in New York with Robert Moog operating the synthesizer. It was presented at Expo ’67 in Montreal and, later, on Monday Evening Concerts in Los Angeles. Mr. Erb’s chamber music has been performed by major artists around the world at the Warsaw Autumn, Darmstadt and Tanglewood Festivals and by the groundbreaking Group for Contemporary Music. His early experience as a jazz trumpeter has inspired Erb’s many compositions in that medium, including one for jazz great Jim Hall, a longtime friend.

    Donald Erb taught composition for over fourty years at such schools as Southern Methodist University, Indiana University, Melbourne University and the Cleveland Institute of Music. He holds the title of Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Composition at the Cleveland Institute of Music where, in 2000, his lasting contributions to the conservatory were celebrated with a concert in his honor and the creation of a scholarship in his name. Over the years, Mr. Erb has been in demand as a visiting lecturer and has given master classes and concerts at well over one hundred colleges, universities and conservatories in the United States. In addition to his work in the classroom, Mr. Erb has served as Composer-in-Residence for the Dallas Symphony Orchestra and the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra, and he authored the major article on orchestration for the Encyclopedia Britannica.

    Mr. Erb has not only helped to pioneer the acceptance of electronic sounds in conventional music circles, but has also helped to extend the use of traditional instruments beyond their normal limits. His works often require instrumentalists to play in unusual ranges or in unconventional ways : piano strings may be struck with mallets; trumpet mouthpieces may be removed and played without the trumpet. The total effect is extremely colorful, demonstrating the composer’s expert sensitivity to sound. Although Erb sometimes uses aleatoric methods, his compositions always have form as well as freedom; he never loses control of them. Of his music, Mr. Erb has said: “A craftsman can create entertainment, but you need more than that to create art. You need an emotional, inspirational quality, because in and of itself craft means nothing. There has to be something inside you pushing out or all a person will ever write is a craftsman-like piece. And that’s not quite good enough.”

  • Cover Title (Subtitle) Duration Instrumentation
    144-40153 Concerto
    Solo Contrabassoon Part
    140-40032 Correlations
    144-40400 Dance,You Monster To My Soft Song
    For Solo Trumpet
    144-40093 Deja Vu
    Six Etudes for Contrabass
    144-40037 Music for Mother Bear
    For Solo Alto Flut (Or Regular Flute)
    4:00 Alto Flute (or C Flute)
    144-40287 Sonata
    For Harp
    144-40388 Suddenly It’s Evening
    For Violoncello Alone
    140-40037 Summermusic
    For Piano
    Piano Unaccompanied
    144-40424 Three Pieces
    For The Enterprising Young Flutist
    144-40393 Three Pieces for Double Bass Alone
    144-40175 Woody
    For Solo B-Flat Clarinet
    11:30 Clarinet Unaccompanied
    Chamber Ensemble
    144-40200 5 Red Hot Duets
    15:00 Contrabassoon Duet
    144-40157 A Book Of Fanfares
    For Brass Quintet
    144-40042 And Then, Toward The End
    144-40040 Andante
    16366 Antipodes
    for String Quartet, Percussion Quartet
    144-40490 Aubade
    144-40108 Aura
    For String Quartet
    15:00 String Ensemble
    144-40171 Aura Ii
    144-40035 Basspiece
    144-40219 Celebration Fanfare
    144-40253 Changes
    For Bb Clarinet and Keyboard
    10:00 Clarinet with Piano
    144-40274 Children’s Song
    3:00 Violin Duet
    144-40417 Conversations
    For Two Flutes
    3:00 Flute Duet
    16386 Dance Pieces
    7:00 Vln. Pno. Tpt. Perc.
    144-40034 Dialogue
    For Violin and Piano
    144-40025 Diversion for Two
    Trumpet in Bb and Percussion
    144-40194 Drawing Down The Moon
    A Sonata for Piccolo and Percussion
    15:00 Piccolo with Piano
    144-40041 Fanfare
    For Brass Ensemble and Percussion – Score and Parts
    144-40383 Four Duets
    For Trumpets
    5:00 Trumpet Duet
    16390 Four for Percussion
    10:00 4Timp. 4Perc. Pno. Cel. Hp.
    144-40222 Four Timbre Pieces
    For Cello and Bass
    14:00 String Duet
    144-40062 Harold’s Trip To The Sky
    144-40386 Hexagon
    144-40252 Illawarra Music
    Between The Mountains and The Sea – for Bassoon, Piano, and Page Turner
    15:00 Bassoon with Piano
    144-40068 Mirage
    For Flute, Bassoon, C Trumpet, Trombone, Keyboard and Percussion
    16393 Music for Brass Choir
    10:00 4 4 3 1
    144-40033 Music for Violin & Piano
    143-40003 Nebbiolina
    For Organist (Playing Percussion) and Handbell Players
    16415 Phantasma
    7:00 Fl./Picc./A.Fl. Ob./E.H. Cb. Hpsd.
    16417 Quartet
    8:00 Fl. Ob. A.Sax. Cb.
    144-40084 Quintet
    For Violin, Violoncello, Bb Clarinet, Flute, Piano, and Electric Piano
    8:00 Chamber Ensemble
    444-41026 Reconnaissance
    144-40271 Remembrances
    For Two Trumpets
    144-40088 Sonata
    144-40275 Sonata
    For Solo Violin
    15:00 Violin with Piano
    144-40453 Sonatina
    For B-Flat Trumpet and Piano
    5:20 Trumpet with Piano
    144-40022 Sonneries
    For Brass Choir
    Brass Ensemble
    144-40038 String Quartet #1
    String Quartet
    144-40195 String Quartet #2
    String Quartet
    144-40315 String Quartet No. 3
    20:00 String Quartet
    444-41003 String Trio
    For Violin, Electric Guitar, and Violoncello – Full (Large) Score
    Chamber Ensemble
    144-40310 Sunlit Peaks and Dark Valleys
    For Violin, Clarinet In Bb, and Piano
    16:30 Chamber Ensemble
    16387 The Devil’s Quickstep
    9:00 Fl./Picc./G Harmonica, Vln. Hp./Slide Whistle, Cl./B.Cl./C and Cs Harmonicas, Vcl./A( Harmonica, Kbd. Perc.
    144-40107 The Last Quintet
    For Woodwind Quintet – Score and Parts
    8:00 Woodwind Quintet
    144-40142 The Rainbow Snake
    For Trombone, Two Percussionists, and Keyboards
    10:00 Chamber Ensemble
    144-40136 The Saint Valentine’s Day
    Brass Quintet
    12:00 Brass Quintet
    144-40026 Three Pieces
    Brass Quintet and Piano
    144-40110 Three Pieces
    13:00 Harp and Percussion Ensemble
    144-40158 Three Poems
    For Violin and Piano
    144-40045 To Warsaw With Love
    144-40193 Trio
    144-40036 Trio for Two
    16427 Views of Space and Time
    17:00 Solo Vln.; Hp. Kbd. 2Perc. Amplification
    144-40032 Vii Miscellaneous
    144-40197 Watchman Fantasy
    16368 Bakersfield Pieces
    10:00 3 2 2 2 – 4 3 3 1; Timp. Perc. Pno. Str.
    16371 Christmas Music
    7:00 3 2 2 2 – 2 2 1 0; 2Perc. Pno. Cel. Hpsd. Hp. Str.
    16379 Concerto for Orchestra
    20:00 3 3 3 3 – 4 3 3 1; Timp. 3Perc. Kbd. Hp. Str.
    16385 Cummings Cycle
    for Mixed Chorus and Orchestra
    8:00 3 2 2 2 – 4 3 3 1; Timp. 2Perc. Pno. Cel. Str.
    16389 Evensong
    Laus amicorum (In Praise of Friends)
    21:00 3(Picc./A.Fl.) 3(E.H.) 3(B.Cl.) 3(Cbsn.) – 4 3 3 1; Timp. 3Perc. Pno.(Synthesizer) Hp. Str.
    16391 Honor, Honor
    for Voice and Strings
    5:00 Str.
    16414 New England’s Prospect
    for Triple Chorus, Children’s Choir (Opt.), Narrator and Orchestra
    30:00 16 Harmonicas, Solo A.Sax. 3 2 3 3 – 4 3 3 1; Timp. Perc. Pno.(Cel.) Hp. Str.
    16416 Prismatic Variations
    15:00 3 3 3 3 – 4 3 3 1; Timp. 3Perc. Kbd. Hp. Str. and approx. 100 Children in Audience
    16420 Ritual Observances
    32:00 3(Picc.) 3 4 3 – 4 3 3 1; Timp. 3Perc. Kbd.(Pno. w/Lid removed, Synthesizer) Hp. Str.
    16422 Solstice
    for Chamber Orchestra
    12:00 2Picc. 2E.H. 2B.Cl. 2Cbsn. – 2 2 0 0; Timp. Perc. Str.
    16424 Sonneries
    15:00 3 2 3 3 – 4 3 3 1; Timp. 3Perc. Hp. Str.
    16388 The Dreamtime
    9:00 3 2 3 3 – 4 3 3 1; Timp. 3Perc. Kbd. Hp. Str. plus 4Perc.4Tbn. in Audience
    16421 The Seventh Trumpet
    16:00 3 3 3 3 – 4 3 3 1; Timp. Perc. Pno./Cel. Hp. Str.
    16426 Treasures of the Snow
    10:00 3 2 3 2 – 4 3 3 1; Timp. 2Perc. Str.
    Orchestra with Soloist(s)
    16370 Chamber Concerto
    for Piano and Small Orchestra
    11:00 Solo Pno.; Picc. Fl. 2Ob. Bsn. 2Hn. Tpt. Tbn. Str.
    16373 Concertant
    for Harpsichord and Strings
    6:00 Hpsd., Str.
    16374 Concerto for Brass and Orchestra
    19:00 3 2 3 3 – 4 3 3 1; Timp. 3Perc. Kbd. Hp. Str.
    16375 Concerto for Cello and Orchestra
    13:00 Solo Vcl.; 3 2 3 3 – 4 3 3 1; Timp. 2Perc. Cel.(Pno.) Str.
    16376 Concerto for Clarinet and Orchestra
    13:00 Solo Cl.; 2(Picc.) 2 3 2(Cbsn.) – 2 2 2 0; Timp. 2Perc. Kbd. Hp. Str.
    16377 Concerto for Contrabassoon and Orchestra
    13:00 Solo Cbsn.; 3 2 3 2 – 4 3 3 1; Timp. 3Perc. Pno.(El.Pno.) Cel. Org. Hp. Str.
    16378 Concerto for Keyboards and Orchestra
    16:00 Solo Kbd.; 3 2 3 3 – 4 3 3 1; Timp. Perc. Hp. Str.
    16380 Concerto for Percussionist and Orchestra
    10:00 Solo Perc.; 3 2 3 3 – 4 3 3 1; Timp. Pno. Hp. Str.
    16381 Concerto for Trombone and Orchestra
    17:00 Solo Tbn.; 3 2 3 3 – 4 3 3 1; Timp. 3Perc. Pno.(Cel.) Str.
    16382 Concerto for Trumpet and Orchestra
    15:00 Solo Tpt.; 3 2 3 3 – 4 3 3 1; Timp. Perc. Pno.(El.Pno.) Hp. Str.
    16384 Concerto for Violin and Orchestra
    25:00 Solo Vln.; 3 3(E.H.) 3(B.Cl.) 3(Cbsn.) – 4 3 3 1; Timp. 4Perc. Pno. Hp. Str.
    16392 Klangfarbenfunk I
    for Rock Group and Pre-recorded Tape and Orchestra
    16:00 Rock Group: Gtr. (A.Fl.), Fender Bass (T.Sax), Hn. Tbn. El.Org. (El.Pno.), Perc.
    Orch.: 2 2 3 3 – 2 2 2 1; Hp. (Amp.) Timp. Perc. Str.
    Band / Wind Ensemble
    16369 Cenotaph (for E. V.)
    for Symphonic Band
    16372 Compendium
    for Band
    145-40013 Concert Piece I
    16419 Reticulation
    for Band
    145-40011 Space Music
    Concert Band
    16425 Symphony for Winds
    High School or College Wind Ensemble or Band
    342-40099 God Love You Now
    342-40026 Kyrie
    Work with Electronics / Fixed Media
    16367 Autumnmusic
    20:00 3 2 2 2 – 4 2 3 1; Timp. Perc. Hp. Str. El.Tape
    16413 Music for A Festive Occasion
    for Orchestra and Audience
    7:00 3 2 3 3 – 4 3 3 1; Timp. 3Perc. Pno.(Cel.) Str.;El. Tape; 20-40 Audience Volunteers with Water Goblets Imitating Glass Harmonicas
    144-40027 Souvenir
    A Multi-Media Work for Instruments, Abstract Slides, Dances and Tape
    145-40009 Stargazing
    For Band With Electronic Sounds
    3:00 Piccolo, Flute 1, Flute 2, Slide Whistle, 2 Clarinets 1 in Bb, 2 Clarinets 2 in Bb, 2 Clarinets 3 in Bb (Slide Whistle), Bass Clarinet in Bb, Bassoon (opt.), Alto Saxophone 1 in Eb, Alto Saxophone 2 in Eb, Tenor Saxophone 1 in Bb (Slide Whistle), Tenor Saxophone 2 in Bb (Slide Whistle), Cornet 1 in Bb, Cornet 2 in Bb, Cornet 3 in Bb (Slide Whistle), Horn 1 in F, Horn 2 in F, Trombone 1, Trombone 2, Basses, Piano, Timpani, Glockenspiel, Percussion 1, Percussion 2, Percussion 3
    145-40017 The Purple Roofed Ethical Suicide Parlor
    For Wind and Electronic Tape – Full Score and Parts (Does Not Include Cd)
    1015 Concert Band

  • Few composers today know the orchestra and its possibilities as expertly as Mr. Erb does. Along with this, and his heightened sense of making an orchestra come alive, he has something to say.
    –John Ardoin, The Dallas Morning News

    In a world overpopulated by cookie-cutter composers, Erb is an original.
    –Donald Rosenberg, The Plain Dealer, Cleveland

    Erb is one of the most vigorous, vital and constructive forces in American music today. He knows how to write a tough piece, the sort of music you might expect born in a town best known for steel mills. He is not afraid of giving form and substance to his work by using the conventions of tonality, but his writing is harmonically very free and imaginative.
    –Robert C. Marsh, Chicago Sun-Times

    Erb’s music is not ‘about’ anything, except the exploration, development, and interplay of musical ideas. His musical constructs are so full of energy, craft and logic that they come to be about the much larger issues art addresses.
    –Joseph Rothstein, The Honolulu Advertiser

    No other composer has such a keen ear for unusual sonorities; Erb turns combinations which appear ridculous on paper into subtly colored ensembles.
    –James H. North , Fanfare

    This is a thoughtful work, a sensitive work, a wonderfully imaginative work, but it also is a big, attention-grabbing, marvelously soul-satisfying score that makes you want to cheer.
    –Robert C. Marsh, Chicago Sun-Times

    Far from coming away from this work recalling a theme or two, one is left with a feeling of exhiliration and exhaustion, of having witnessed a spectacle that defies unaided comprehension.
    –Michael Bryant, Clarinet and Saxophone

    What Mozart is to melody, Erb is to orchestral color. Mozart can make a melody sing, but Erb can make an orchestra sparkle.
    –Jeff Kaczmarczyk, Grand Rapids Press

    This is music with character, music that holds up to scrutiny…What endures is the solidity of its structure, that sureness of its pacing, the sheer effectivenss of its gestures.
    –James Wierzbicki, St. Louis Post-Dispatch

    They share a characteristic of Erb’s best work which I can only describe as an inner life; one feels oneself to be in the presence of a living, breathing animal, sinuous and muscular, and of enormous vitality. It is a feeling one gets from “Le Sacre du printemps,” although Erb’s music is totally different from Stravinsky’s. This is awe-inspiring music, which stretches the boundaries of the listener’s imagination. It is not for the faint of heart.
    –James H. North , Fanfare

    The important thing is that our ears are stretched an our imaginations stimulated; now that is something worth celebrating…
    –Robert Finn, The Cleveland Plain Dealer

    I know of no other Erb work of such sheer sonic beauty.
    –James H. North , Fanfare

    Music of earth-shattering intensity and suspense is never in abundant supply. But whenever a sonic jolt is needed, we know we can turn to Donald Erb. The composer…is almost obscenely skillful at forcing the listener to sit up and take notice…For all of its crashing sonorities, the 11-minute symphony also contains writing of unusual subtlety. Erb never seems to be at a loss for spicy ideas that add flavor to the soup. He doesn’t waste anything, and his language builds firm layer upon layer.
    –Donald Rosenberg, The Cleveland Plain Dealer

    …orchestrated with extreme brilliance and has a great deal of character…a whiz-bang of a piece, the work of a composer who knows exactly how to get what he wants and, furthermore, a work that has real communicative power.
    –Harold Schonberg, New York Times

    …Erb has become a master of the long line and of developmental thematic treatment – something the former avant-garde tends to have trouble with.
    –D. Moore, American Record Guide

  • Donald Erb DONALD ERB
    CRI/New World Records (NWCR593); February 1, 2007
    Performer(s): Koch String Quartet; Voices of Change; John White, harpsichord
    Work(s): Sonata for Clarinet and Percussion
    The Rainbow Snake
    Donald Erb: String Quartet No. 3 DONALD ERB: STRING QUARTET NO. 3
    CRI/New World Records (NWCR857); February 1, 2007
    Performer(s): Audubon Quartet; Jeffrey Krieger, cello; Bertram Turetzky, double bass; James Stern, violin, Audry Andrist, piano
    Work(s): String Quartet No. 3
    Suddenly It’s Evening
    Three Pieces for Double Bass Alone
    Three Poems
    Aubade AUBADE
    Azica Records (ACD71229); February 7, 2006
    Performer(s): Karel Paukert, Organ
    Work(s): Aubade
    American Images AMERICAN IMAGES
    Crystal Records (CD942); March 12, 2002
    Performer(s): Verdehr Trio
    Work(s): Sunlit Peaks and Dark Valleys
    Solstice; Evensong; Concerto for Orchestra SOLSTICE; EVENSONG; CONCERTO FOR ORCHESTRA
    Koch International Classics (3-7417-2H1); March 17, 1998
    Performer(s): New Zealand Symphony Orchestra
    Work(s): Concerto for Orchestra
    Sunlit Peaks and Dark Valleys SUNLIT PEAKS AND DARK VALLEYS
    CRI/New World Records (80537); January 1, 1997
    Performer(s): Verdehr Trio; Boatright, piano; Powell, clarinet; Anthony and Spencer, trumpets; Kondonassis, harp; Gregory Fulkerson, violin
    Work(s): Changes
    Sonata for Harp
    Sonata for Solo Violin
    Sunlit Peaks and Dark Valleys
    Erb: Concerto for Trombone; Concerto for Violin; Concerto for Clarinet ERB: CONCERTO FOR TROMBONE; CONCERTO FOR VIOLIN; CONCERTO FOR CLARINET
    Koss Classics (KC3302); August 15, 1995
    Performer(s): Grand Rapids Symphony, Catherine Comet, cond.
    Work(s): Concerto for Clarinet and Orchestra
    Concerto for Violin and Orchestra
    American Tribute AMERICAN TRIBUTE
    Summit Records (DCD127); June 1, 1995
    Performer(s): Summit Brass
    Work(s): Sonneries for Brass Choir
    Chamber Music CHAMBER MUSIC
    Albany Records (TROY092); April 16, 1995
    Performer(s): Cavani Quartet; Gregory Fulkerson, violin, Audrey Andrist, piano and synthesizer; Lynn Harrell, cello; Bradford Buckley and Gregg Henegar, contrabassoons
    Work(s): Aura II
    Five Red Hot Duels
    String Quartet No. 2
    Watchman Fantasy
    Drawing Down the Moon DRAWING DOWN THE MOON
    CRI/New World Records (80457); January 1, 1994
    Performer(s): University Circle Wind Ensemble, Gary Ciepluch; Stuart Dempster, trombone; Ross Powell, clarinet; Jan Gippo, piccolo; Kirk Brundage, percussion
    Work(s): …And Then, Toward the End…
    Cenotaph (for E.V.)
    Drawing Down the Moon
    Symphony for Winds
    Works by Donald Erb WORKS BY DONALD ERB
    CRI/New World Records (80415); January 1, 1992
    Performer(s): St. Louis Symphony Orchestra, Leonard Slatkin; Lynn Harrell, cello
    Work(s): Concerto for Brass and Orchestra
    Concerto for Violoncello and Orchestra
    Ritual Observances
    The London Philharmonic, Celebrates American Composers THE LONDON PHILHARMONIC, CELEBRATES AMERICAN COMPOSERS
    Leonarda Records (LE331); May 25, 1989
    Performer(s): London Philharmonic, Harold Farberman, cond; Gregg Henegar, solo contrabassoon
    Work(s): Concerto for Contrabassoon and Orchestra
    The Infernal Machine / Ogoun Badagris / Sequoia / Prismatic Variations THE INFERNAL MACHINE / OGOUN BADAGRIS / SEQUOIA / PRISMATIC VARIATIONS
    Nonesuch Records (79118); January 1, 1986
    Performer(s): St. Louis Symphony Orchestra
    Work(s): Prismatic Variations
    The Composers Consortium THE COMPOSERS CONSORTIUM
    Spectrum Records (SR-195); January 1, 1985
    Performer(s): Voices of Change
    Work(s): The Devil’s Quickstep
    Christmasmusic, Spatial Fanfare, Autumnmusic, Concerto for Trombone CHRISTMASMUSIC, SPATIAL FANFARE, AUTUMNMUSIC, CONCERTO FOR TROMBONE
    First Edition Records (LS 772); January 1, 1980
    Performer(s): Louisville Orchestra
    Work(s): Autumnmusic
    Christmas Music
    Concerto for Trombone and Orchestra
    Cleveland Composers Guild CLEVELAND COMPOSERS GUILD
    Crystal Records (S531); January 1, 1976
    Performer(s): Cleveland Orchestra
    Work(s): Harold’s Trip to the Sky
    Symphony Of Overtures / The Seventh Trumpet / Concerto For Solo Percussionist SYMPHONY OF OVERTURES / THE SEVENTH TRUMPET / CONCERTO FOR SOLO PERCUSSIONIST
    Turnabout Records (TV 34433S); January 1, 1973
    Performer(s): Dallas SO, Donald Johanos, cond; Marvin Dahlgren, perc
    Work(s): Concerto for Solo Percussionist and Orchestra
    The Seventh Trumpet
    Diversion For Two / Phantasma / String Trio / Insected Surfaces DIVERSION FOR TWO / PHANTASMA / STRING TRIO / INSECTED SURFACES
    Opus One Recordings (No. 1); January 1, 1966
    Performer(s): Percussion – Tele Lesbines; Trumpet – Roger Murtha; Double Bass – Bertram Turetzky; Flute [Alto], Piccolo Flute – Nancy Turetzky; Harpsichord – John White; Oboe, English Horn – Fred Korman; Cello – Jo…
    Work(s): Diversion for Two
    String Trio
    Chamber Works CHAMBER WORKS
    CRI/New World Records (NWCRL323)
    Work(s): Three Pieces
    Cleveland Institute of Music, Live Concert of Dec 8, 1976 CLEVELAND INSTITUTE OF MUSIC, LIVE CONCERT OF DEC 8, 1976
    Golden Crest (GCCL202)
    Performer(s): Cleveland Institute of Music
    Work(s): Summermusic
    Music from Meadows MUSIC FROM MEADOWS
    Redwood Records (ES-28)
    Performer(s): Cello – Gayane Manasjan; Clarinet – Ross Powell; Conductor – Donald Erb; Flute, Harmonica – Harvey Boatright; Orchestra – Voices Of Change; Piano, Electric Piano – Jo Boatright; Violin – Ronald Neal
    Work(s): Qunitet
    Music of Cleveland Composers MUSIC OF CLEVELAND COMPOSERS
    Truemedia Records Ltd. (D90121)
    Performer(s): Karel Paukert, organ
    Work(s): Nebbiolina
    Nashville Contemporary Brass Quintet NASHVILLE CONTEMPORARY BRASS QUINTET
    Pantheon (PFN-2241)
    Performer(s): Nashville Contemporary Brass Quintet
    Work(s): The St. Valentine’s Day Brass Quintet

  • 2000: Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Composition at the Cleveland Institute of Music – scholarship in his name
    1970: United States representative to UNESCO
    Composer-in-Residence for the Dallas Symphony Orchestra
    Composer-in-Residence for St. Louis Symphony Orchestra

  • Antipodes
    for String Quartet and Percussion Quartet
    for Orchestra and Tape
    Bakersfield Pieces
    for Orchestra
    Christmas Music
    for Orchestra
    for Harpsichord and Strings
    Concerto for Cello and Orchestra
    Concerto for Clarinet and Orchestra
    Concerto for Contrabassoon and Orchestra
    Concerto for Orchestra
    Concerto for Trombone and Orchestra
    Concerto for Violin and Orchestra
    Cummings Cycle
    for Mixed Chorus and Orchestra
    Laus amicorum (In Praise of Friends)

    for Orchestra
    Prismatic Variations
    for Orchestra
    Ritual Observances
    for Orchestra
    for Chamber Orchestra
    for Band with Electronic Sounds
    Symphony for Winds
    The Devil’s Quickstep
    for Mixed Ensemble
    The Dreamtime
    for Orchestra
    The Seventh Trumpet
    for Orchestra