Lowell Liebermann: Elegy

The Elegy for Flute and Piano is immediately recognizable as the work of Lowell Liebermann. Its long, arching, haunting melodic line is reminiscent of the first movement of the composer’s popular Sonata for Flute and Piano, though this piece is accessible to performers who may not feel prepared to tackle the Sonata’s technical aspects.

–Timothy Hagen, The Flutist Quarterly

Daniel Dorff: Musetta Steps Out

We are very excited to program this piece in the future, and I cannot stress enough how much fun any quartet will have learning and performing this piece, which could be played by high school students but is appropriate for any advanced quartet. Expect this work to be a crowd pleaser when you perform it.

–Ronda Benson Ford, The Flutist Quarterly

Ricky Ian Gordon: The Tibetan Book of the Dead

…thought-provoking, a meditation that ranges from forbidding to optimistic […] [and] leaves the audience with plenty to ponder: a heartfelt reflection on death as a vital part of life […] a rewarding and important entry in the contemporary operatic repertoire.

–Daniel J. Kushner, Rochester City Newspaper

Amanda Harberg: Prayer

…heartfelt and expressive… powerful. Beautiful… in a variety of settings, from church services to concert halls.

–Timothy Hagen, The Flutist Quarterly