Knock Knock, S. 4/1

Choral Cantata

P. D. Q. Bach (composer), Peter Schickele (editor)
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Just how secular can cantatas get? This age-old question has been given a seemingly definitive answer with P.D.Q. Bach?s unique choral cantata, Knock, Knock. Like many of us, P.D.Q. was disturbed by the fact that he could never remember jokes he?d heard when he wanted to tell them later, so what he often did was, when he heard a joke he particularly liked, he would immediately set it to music, thus making it easier to remember, sort of like the opposite of how people often put words to instrumental themes in order to give them a firmer cranial foothold.
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Ensemble: Full Orchestra
Duration: 12:00
Language: English
Publisher: Theodore Presser Company
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