Solo Observed

Lukas Foss

Set of Performance Scores
Performing Ensemble: Mixed Ensemble
Instrumentation: Vibraphone or Marimba, Harp or Cello, Organ or Accordion, Piano
Item Number: MXE45
Publisher: Editions Paul Beuscher
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An accomplished pianist himself, Foss had not written for the piano over a span of 28 years before composing Solo in 1981. The composer says, "An initial 12-tone motive reigns. Yet this is not 12-tone music. The motive is like a theme that undergoes constant development. Nor is this minimal music, in spite of an insistent, repetitive element, because each repetition is also a change implying development, growth and forward movement." In 1982, Foss added a small ensemble of vibraphone (or marimba), harp (or cello), and organ (or accordion), which joins the piano well into the piece, creating a new version titled Solo Observed. "Foss was at the keyboard for his Solo Observed, with a fiendishly difficult piano part that chugged along for more than five minutes before the entry of cello, organ and vibraphone. At that point the initially atonal piece morphed into a jazzy romp before quietly fading out with an additional piano measure. Foss brought all of this off with great sophistication and wit." (Alan Becker, Sun Sentinel, April 16, 2002)

Solo Observed

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