Fuchs’ Falling Man Recounts Tragedy at 9/11 Memorial

On October 7th, Falling Man (a monodrama composed by Kenneth Fuchs after Don DeLillo’s 9/11 novel of the same title) was included as part of the September 11 Memorial and Museum’s artistic series commemorating the 15th anniversary of the tragedy. The work was performed by baritone Jarrett Ott in a somber hall built around the remnants of the original World Trade Center site. The stirring performance also incorporated a video montage, created by Justin West, from photographs contributed by the Museum.

Following the performance, Fuchs and DeLillo joined sculptor Eric Fischl — whose sculpture “Tumbling Woman” is on display at the museum — to share how they created their art in response to the agony of 9/11. Listen to a excerpt of Fuchs’ work below.